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How to Facebook Search for Local Jobs – 8 Strategies

By: Shannon Locker – Digital Marketing Manager – Head of Talent Acquisition at ATN Promo

Seasonal, freelance part time local jobs are available in your area but often times these jobs can be tough to locate.

As Recruitment Manager at ATN Event Staffing I tend to use Facebook search daily to recruit staff to work local jobs.

From the client side of things we get loads of requests for staff Nationwide and this includes giant markets as well as tiny ones. As much as you are trying to find jobs in your town (large or small), I am trying to find YOU and connecting can be tough.

Facebook offers a more personalized connection to our potential staff members and helps us place you in local positions.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for local jobs on Facebook.

1. “Like” and follow local companies and event marketing staffing agency pages. Make sure you set your settings to follow these pages or you may miss many job listings. On ATN Promo’s Facebook page we post loads of gigs, insider industry information and contests.

2. “Friend” recruiters from agencies. Connecting with us means you know you are interested and we are interested in you!

3. Join local and national Brand Ambassador and job groups and again and be sure to mark your settings to “follow” these pages.

I post jobs in local groups regularly throughout the day. These groups are where I find some of our best team members.

Simply search for your town + brand ambassador or jobs in the Facebook search box, click “more” in the upper right and click “groups”.

Facebook Search

Search Facebook using Keywords

4. Follow instructions! When recruiters list jobs we put specific application instructions in the job ad. If you don’t follow the instructions provided I immediately don’t trust your abilities to do the job.

5. When commenting on Facebook use proper grammar and politeness. Treat this dialogue as if you are in a business meeting in real life.

6. Never ever trash talk agencies on public Facebook forums.

If you have an issue, address it with the company or account manager directly. Blasting agencies on Facebook is a curse to your brand ambassador career.  Facebook is not the place for professional complaints and burning bridges is never a good idea.

Companies are actually just people. People change. People make mistakes and you never know who is connected to whom. Agencies change infrastructure, account managers and policies. We are ever evolving. Being the bigger person wins every time.

The event marketing world is small and one bad comment can ruin any long standing positive reputation you’ve built. If you hate working with an agency, close your profile, send a letter of complaint and move on with your life.

7. Share your experience with us! I search #teamatn and check tags daily for your postings hoping to see what an awesome job you’ve done for us!

Did you know we have 69K+ followers on the ATN Promo Facebook page?

When you show your love for the work you do with us, I want to share your posts and brag about how great you with 69K people. This gives you super star exposure and will help you network your career even further.

8. Be yourself but be aware of who is seeing what.

Setting your Facebook profile to private and selectively making your more professional updates public allows great control in presenting selective material to your personal friends and potential employers.

You don’t have to change your online presence entirely we want you to be you!

There is a blurring of lines between personal social networking and our work life. All “in real life” and virtual interactions have the potential to be social or professional. Through following the above guidelines when using Facebook search, you can increase your chances at landing the local jobs you want.

Please follow the link below to register to work local jobs in your area: Sign-Up