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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 

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Combining human emotion with marketing is a powerful force, hence the reason that experiential marketing is so successful. Experiences create feelings of excitement, interest, and awe, all of which lead to FOMO (fear of missing out). In this week’s Happy Hour, we explore how brands can use the psychology of FOMO to elevate experiential marketing campaigns. We also showcase emerging digital design trends and what’s next for experiential marketing. And lastly, we take look at why retailers should adopt a phygital approach to experiential retail this year.

How FOMO Relates to Experiential Marketing

“For people who are hesitant to attend in-person gatherings, the fear of missing out on an incredible experience might be enough to draw them to your activation.” ~Department Zero

FOMO in experiential marketing

Human emotion is powerful, and we are hard-wired for connections with others.  But over the last six months, connections have decreased significantly due to the pandemic, leaving people longing for a return to normalcy. With that said, marketers need to tap into the emotions that consumers are feeling and create safe and immersive brand experiences that conjure excitement and instill a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out).  In this article, we’ll look at the psychology behind FOMO and how it can benefit your experiential efforts.

Experiential Marketing:  What Comes Next?

“I suggest we look at what worked well in the past, take the best of today, and build the new future of experiential marketing.”~David Brull

What's next for experiential marketing

2020 isn’t the first time we’ve seen a downturn in the experiential and event marketing industry. Flashback to 2008, the US was in the worst recession it had seen since the Great Depression, one that would take years to crawl out of. Times were tough, experiential was the new kid on the marketing block, measurement was difficult, and most brands didn’t prioritize experiential like they do today. In this LinkedIn article, David Brull looks back at that time and shares his experience of being told that trade shows and conferences were dead and that virtual events were the next big thing (imagine that).  He also shares some great insights about where experiential has been, where it’s heading, and how we can collectively work together to deliver experiences of the future.

Integrating Digital Into Experiential Retail 

“As e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers adapt to a new world characterized by remote work and social distancing, they must cater to virtual audiences while preparing for the return of in-person customers.” ~Jeff Snyder

Integrating Digital Into Experiential Retail

In light of the pandemic, digital marketing has skyrocketed.  Digital allows companies to distribute information quickly to people around the globe.  And as retailers, both physical and e-commerce, adapt to new shopping habits and consumer behavior, it’s important that they cater to both virtual and in-person customers with digital and experiential techniques. Looking ahead, retailers can integrate the two strategies to form a cohesive brand experience for the new age hybrid customer – one that builds trust and drives loyalty. In this article, we examine three hybrid tactics that retailers can adopt.

Digital Design Trends to Take Note Of

“At a time when crisis has confined our movements and asked us to minimize risk-taking behavior, these 8 daring design trends are helping digital spaces expand the bounds of our imagination.” ~Coastal Creative

digital design trends

2020 has thrown a lot our way.  Wildfires, political unrest, and of course, a global pandemic. Imagine combining all of that chaos together into an explosion of fiery, colorful, and disruptive digital design elements.  Here, Coastal Creative delivers its 7th annual end-of-the-year investigation that reveals emerging design trends for next year. This report includes stunning graphic and digital design trends that harmonize style, color, and form that will most likely crossover to virtual and hybrid events in the new year.

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