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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 06.15.18

Join us for Happy Hour every Friday when we take a look at some of the latest and greatest news in the experiential and event marketing industry.  From tips on how to adapt to the new world of experiential marketing to the importance of brand ambassadors in experiential and event marketing, we hope you enjoy this week’s edition of Happy Hour.  Cheers!

6 Ways Brand Ambassadors Elevate Experiential Marketing Campaigns

“People like to buy products from people, plain and simple.” ~Becore

importance of brand ambassadors in experiential and event marketingUnlike traditional forms of advertising, experiential and event marketing campaigns bring brands and consumers together in-person, face-to-face. And it’s those face-to-face interactions that make experiential marketing so memorable.  When consumers connect with a brand via a person (a.k.a a brand ambassador), an instant bond is formed which creates trust and adds value to the brand.  From humanizing the brand to increasing brand awareness, brand ambassadors play a key role in experiential marketing and hold the key to the campaign’s success.  Here we take a look at the importance of brand ambassadors in experiential marketing.

Experiential Marketing:  Staying Ahead of the Curve

“The agencies that succeed in this world are those that are able to strike the balance between digital evolution and human connection.” ~Fiona Bruder

Experiential marketing is continually evolving thanks to technology.  As soon as one trend appears, another one is right behind it.  The landscape of the industry has drastically changed over the last 10 years and to execute campaigns successfully, marketers must stay ahead of the curve.  As this article points out, the most successful campaigns are the ones that incorporate the digital and social world into the physical event.

5 Iconic Brands are Fueling Brand Loyalty with Experiential Marketing

“Brands must think holistically about the near- and longer-term impact of their event marketing initiatives.” ~Adam Cohen-Aslatei

With  77% of marketers using experiential marketing as part of their brand’s advertising strategy, it’s clear that more and more brands are realizing the value of brand experiences.   Adam Cohen-Aslatei sits down with marketers from five iconic brands to discuss the shift towards utilizing more consumer-centric experiences in their overall marketing strategy.

What are the Most Important Elements of an Experiential Marketing Campaign?

“From the location to the people and items that fill the space, along with the plans to measure and promote the event, there are many moving parts to consider.” ~Stu Swinefold

While some marketers aim to incorporate as many elements as possible into experiential campaigns, it’s often the core elements that can make or break the campaign. Here are six key factors that marketers should focus on when planning and budgeting for an experiential marketing campaign.

Marriott International Livens Up its Sales Conference with Experiential Elements

 “You can have a traditional trade show floor and presentation, but we wanted to have guests touch, see, feel, and hear [to learn about] a brand in a digestible format.” ~Diana Pavlov

Marriott International proved that sales conferences are far from boring.  At the 2018 Sales and Marketing Conference, Marriott aimed to showcase their 30 hotel brands to sales and marketing employees in a unique and innovative way.  The conference aimed to offer attendee experiences that were designed to reflect each brand’s position, aesthetics, and values. Using several experiential tactics, Marriott created 25 vignettes to engage employees with Instagram worthy experiences. Here, we take a look at some of the most engaging footprints from the conference.

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