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Happy Hour: Weekly Round-Up 06.22.18

We have seen experiential marketing skyrocket over the past decade and it has proved to be one of the most effective forms of marketing available. Unlike other forms of marketing, experiential creates two-way, authentic conversations between brands and consumers.  In this week’s edition of Happy Hour, we take a look at 8 key areas to focus on when planning successful experiential marketing campaigns.  We’ll also take a peek into the growing trend of experiential retail, and the right way to use social media to promote marketing events.

Planning Successful Experiential Marketing Campaigns

“At the core, experiential marketing is a means to engage clients, customers and prospective leads with your brand in an interactive and meaningful way, to generate an emotional response.” ~Endless Entertainment

successful experiential campaignsWhen you give people an experience, they are certain to remember it.  This is the driving force behind experiential marketing and the reason that over 77% of brands are turning to this marketing strategy.  But with more and more marketers turning to experiential, there is also more room for failure.  Experiential marketing campaigns are successful when they are carefully thought out and designed with the target consumers in mind. Like with any marketing strategy, certain factors can make or break a campaign.  Endless Entertainment outlines 8 key areas to focus on when planning an experiential campaign.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Social Media to Market Events

“If you want to succeed as a social media event marketer, you must know how to use social media to promote your event effectively.” ~James Jorner

social media marketing for eventsFrom creating buzz to boosting event attendance, social media can do wonders for any event, whether it be a live marketing event, a tradeshow, or a product launch.  Pairing social media with events is a powerful marketing tool, but only when it’s done right.  And as marketers steadily increase their social media marketing spend, it’s imperative that they set clear and concise goals to effectively promote events via social media. Here, we take a look at three common social media event marketing mistakes and tips to avoid them.

Authenticity in Marketing and Why it Matters Most

“In order to create lasting connections with our target market, we need to start focusing on how to bring back authenticity.”  ~Tradeway

authenticity Let’s face it, we live in a noisy world.  Day in and day out we are inundated with ads on social media, television, and even on our commutes.  According to this Forbes article, digital marketers estimate that Americans are exposed to an average of 4,000 – 10,000 ads per day.  But how many of those ads really stand out and make an impression?  Think about it, do you remember the last ad you saw or heard today?  Probably not, I sure don’t.  In a world that is overloaded with messages and claims being shoved in our faces, it’s no wonder consumers are losing trust in brands.  What consumers need and want is for companies to be real.  Authentic.  Sincere. Trustworthy.  So how can brands achieve that?  Through face-to-face interactions.  Experiential marketing creates emotional connections, it engages the senses, it stimulates the mind and creates a conversation between the consumer and the brand.  Those interactions give brands the best chance at achieving these personal and authentic connections that consumers crave.

Consumers Want Experiences and Retail Developers Have Taken Note

“The foundational ways that products used to communicate to the public are quickly crumbling and being replaced with activations and experiential events.” ~Tim Hayes

experiential retail With an experiential retail center nearing completion in Tennessee and the approval of the country’s largest (and most expensive) shopping mall in Miami that sounds more like Disney World than a mall, experiential retail was a hot topic this week.  Over the past decade, we’ve seen brick-and-mortar retail stores and malls crumble as online shopping has become the norm, and retail developers have taken note.  In an effort to draw customers back in, developers have shifted from traditional retail ideas to offering customers experiences that will enhance their shopping experience.  From brewpubs to rock-climbing walls to biking trails and more, successful retail developers understand the need to entertain today’s consumer.  They understand that they must give them more than just stores filled with the same items they can buy online.  Experiential guru Tim Hayes walks us through this monumental shift in retail and gives us a glimpse of the new American Dream Mall in Miami.

Zinus Mattress Goes “Big” with Epic Nostalgia Marketing Event

“Darren Wilson, vice president of marketing for Zinus, said paying tribute to the film aligned perfectly with the brand’s tagline, “Live in Wonder.” ~BizBash

costumed brand ambassadorsIf you’re an 80’s kid like me, you probably dreamed of visiting FAO Schwarz and dancing across the giant piano keys like Tom Hanks’ character Josh Baskin did in the 1988 movie “Big.”  To celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the hit movie, eCommerce mattress company, Zinus, recreated Josh Baskin’s loft for a one-day consumer pop-up event in NYC to introduce the brand to the public.  The pop-up loft featured the famed piano floor mat, a trampoline, the iconic Zoltar fortune teller machine, as well ATN’s costumed brand ambassadors who were on hand to assist with the event and interact with attendees.  Brands that tap into people’s childhoods memories with nostalgia marketing are on to something big (no pun intended) because these types of events stir up emotions and fun memories that really leave a lasting impression on consumers.

In event marketing, the people representing your brand are your most valuable asset.  They serve as not only the face and voice of your brand, but they are also a direct representation of your product or service.  With that said, you want to ensure that you have the RIGHT people representing your brand.  Since 2002, ATN Event Staffing has been the event staffing provider of choice for hundreds of brands and marketing agencies.  We take the time to match our clients with the perfect staff to ensure their campaign goals are met and that the event executes flawlessly.  From pre-event to post-activation, we are available every step of the way.