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Here’s the thing about those of us working at an event staffing agency: we spend A LOT of time behind the desk staffing events. It’s a bit of a conundrum because we work with SO MANY PEOPLE yet we rarely get to meet any of our field employees or clients in person.

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Event Staffing Extraordinaire – Blake Herder

Since it is thoroughly impossible to meet ALL of our team members and clients face-to-face we figured why not feature our internal team on the blog?

Therefore, it is my pleasure to bring you a new regular installment here, a column we call “Hello! My name is…” wherein I pry into the lives of our internal team so you may get to know us a little bit better.

I decided to start with our newest team member at ATN, Blake Herder.

Blake joins us with over 14 years of event marketing experience and will be our Vice President of Client Services and Development.

Pre-event marketing Blake had a plan, which included having no plans.  He played golf competitively, but not enough to make a living.  Realizing this, he decided to get an education.  After receiving his degree in marketing from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas he set out on his first marketing tour.  After almost seven years on the road, he and his fiancé decided to be done touring and try out “real life”.

Blake moved to Michigan and began working at a full-service experiential agency.  He quickly found his form in the office providing value from the perspective of the road.  He handled the company’s events and tours operations which included working with ATN on many programs.   Blake realized that staffing and building relationships were a passion early on.   He has a ton of automotive experience and loves a good ride and drive.

Let’s get to know Blake with some Q&A, shall we?

What famous person (alive or dead) would make the ideal brand ambassador? Pro golfer Phil Mickelson for sure!  He’s always smiling and talks to everyone.  You never see him on his cell phone or doing anything else that would be remotely perceived as negative.  Let’s get Phil setup with ATN Promo.

What’s is your most memorable event staffing experience?  The event where I met my wife.  She was a Tour Manager for Dodge while I was working for a competing agency for Chrysler.

What’s your favorite part about experiential staffing?  You never know what the day will bring.  It’s simply the best industry I could ever hope to be involved with.  Staffing has always been a passion of mine and I absolutely love it.

When you aren’t working, what are you doing?  Years ago I would have said golfing or golfing.  Now I spend time with my wife, our two children, and dog.  It’s never a dull moment at work or home and that’s a-ok with me.

We’re looking forward to working with Blake and so are our clients!