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Happy Hour: Weekly Round-Up 

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Live marketing events help brands connect with consumers in unforgettable and impactful ways.  Consumers love the experiences and brands love the relationships that they form.  Yet, when it comes to measuring event marketing ROI, many companies don’t know where to begin.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we bring you a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the process.  We’ll also discuss how brand experiences and social media work together to form a powerful marketing strategy.   Lastly, we bring you tips on how to plan a successful product launch event.

How to Effectively Measure Event Marketing ROI

Understanding Experiential Marketing ROIEvent marketing is one of the best ways brands can connect with consumers.  But many marketers fail to accurately measure the right metrics when it comes to their event marketing efforts.  This is in part because many don’t have a clear vision of what their expectations are and what they want to achieve.  But once these crucial goals are determined, it’s pretty straight forward from there.  When marketers are able to gather the right metrics from the field, they will better understand the impact of the event and what their attendees expect.  This article outlines the most common event marketing goals, the metrics that are attached to them, and the different tools event marketers can use to capture event data.

Brand Experiences and Social Media:  A Powerful Combination

Brand Experiences and Social MediaThe combination of social media and live brand experiences make for a mighty duo.  People crave in-person experiences, and those experiences drive social shares.  In fact, 98% of consumers capture content at live events, and 100% share the content they capture. As this article points out, “live events feed our desire to connect with other people in the flesh, and they fuel the most valuable thing that social media has to offer: social currency.”  The impact that two have on each other is undeniably powerful.  Here, we’ll look at five things marketers can do to take advantage of all that this impressive pair has to offer.

10 Examples of Successful Product Launch Events

Product Launch EventProduct launch events offer companies a great way to showcase their latest products while creating buzz.   Besides giving brands the opportunity to introduce their offerings to consumers, launch events also offer companies a chance to demonstrate their products, gain valuable feedback, and collect leads.  From building anticipation surround the launch event to personalizing the attendee experience, here are 10 product launch ideas (with examples) that you can use to improve your next launch event.

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In event marketing, the people representing your brand are your most valuable asset.  They serve as not only the face and voice of your brand, but they are also a direct representation of your product or service.  With that said, you want to ensure that you have the RIGHT people representing your brand.  Since 2002, ATN Event Staffing has been the event staffing provider of choice for hundreds of brands and marketing agencies.  If you’re in need of an event staffing partner for your event marketing campaigns, ATN is here for you!

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