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Planning a successful corporate event can be challenging, but with careful planning, attention to detail, and a clear vision of what you want to achieve, you can easily host an event that people will remember. In this edition of Happy Hour, we examine the ins and outs of planning corporate events and meetings. We also discuss the benefits and importance of incorporating free time into conferences, and lastly, we explore why brands should take advantage of the lucrative opportunities that festivals offer.

How to Plan a Successful Corporate Event

“. . .corporate events aren’t just about business. They’re about bringing employees, clients, and partners together.” ~Pro Exhibits

corporate event planning

Corporate events offer companies an excellent way to bring employees together and strengthen relationships. They promote camaraderie, foster teamwork and collaboration, and create a sense of belonging, which ultimately boosts productivity and enhances employee engagement. Whether you’re planning a company-wide conference, meeting, or team-building retreat, it’s important to have a well-organized plan in place so that your event goes off without a hitch. From staffing your event to budgeting to engagement tactics, this article explores insights and tips on how to plan a successful corporate event that attendees will love.

Rest and Recharge: Why Conferences Need to Incorporate Breaks Into Event Schedules

“By allowing for breaks in between sessions and activities, you give attendees time to rest, recharge, and process the information they’ve just received.” ~Chaviva Gordon-Bennett, Bizzabo 

The Importance of Conference Attendee Breaks

When hosting a conference or meeting, you obviously want to maximize the time you have with attendees to get the most out of the event. However, it’s important to think about your attendees and their well-being. Jam-packed schedules can be exhausting and lead to burnout. Therefore, it’s essential to provide regular breaks so that attendees can recharge their batteries mentally and physically, allowing them to get the most out of your event. Here, Bizzabo dives into the importance of attendee breaks and how you can build them into your event schedule.

Why Festivals Are the Perfect Platform for Brand Experiences

“Music festivals, such as Coachella and Lollapalooza, and food experiences, like the New York City Wine & Food Festival, are a natural fit for brands and prime opportunities to build brand love.” ~Inspira Marketing

Austin Festival

Festivals have long been a staple for summer entertainment, and after the pandemic shuttered them, they have made an epic comeback as people continue to prioritize in-person experiences. Given the nature of festivals and the vibe that surrounds them, it’s no wonder that they have become a popular platform for brands to connect with consumers. By captivating festival-goers with engaging and memorable experiences, brands can make a lasting impact that leads to brand love and loyalty. Check out Inspira Marketing’s research on how brands can harness the power of live events during festival season to create unforgettable experiences for consumers.

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