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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

In 2020, the pandemic brought the world to a halt. Many employees were forced to transition from the hustle and bustle of a 9-5 job in an office to working at home. And now, companies have come to realize that employees are just as or more productive at home, and many are sticking with a remote workforce. But to keep employees connected, face-to-face interactions are critical. In this week’s Happy Hour, we explore how some companies are utilizing off-site experiences and events to grow workforce relationships. We also take a look at experiential scavenger hunts and four innovative brand activation ideas. 

The Importance of Corporate Events and Experiences in 2022 and Beyond

At the height of the pandemic, remote work became the norm. For most, the change wasn’t easy. Juggling work from home and kids in virtual school was hard…really hard. Fast forward to the present day, and many companies continue to offer a work-from-home option. But there’s something to be said about the camaraderie in an office atmosphere.

For this reason, it’s vital for organizations to keep their employees connected and engaged with one another. And no, we’re not talking about meetings in the office, we’re talking about fun and engaging off-site experiences that allow them to interact with one another. Read on to see some prime examples of companies that are making face-to-face corporate experiences a priority.

Experiential Marketing Trend: Scavenger Hunts

Experiential Marketing Scavenger Hunt

Photo: Netflix

Experiential marketers are always looking for unique ways to engage consumers. At the height of the pandemic, brands and marketers relied heavily on digital engagement tactics, such as gamification, AR, and digitally powered scavenger hunts to connect with audiences. And while present-day events look much like they did pre-pandemic, some of those pandemic-born tactics remain a hot trend. Here, Sparks presents four ways that both B2C and B2B brands can host engaging experiential scavenger hunts that will keep people talking.

4 Attention-Grabbing Brand Activation Ideas 

Brand Activation Ideas

With the experiential marketing industry booming once again, it’s essential for brands to stay ahead of the game and create attention-grabbing activations that wow consumers. To produce an activation that will capture audiences, you need to incorporate a variety of elements from stunning displays to engaging event staff to immersive activities. This article shares four brand activation ideas that will generate buzz and make your brand the center of attention.

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