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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 

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A lot of effort goes into planning a successful trade show exhibit, from exhibit design to engagement tactics to staffing and more. And then during the show, you’re hyperfocused on networking, promoting your brand, and collecting leads. But it doesn’t end there. To maximize your efforts and see true success, you must have a post-show lead nurturing plan in place. In this week’s Happy Hour, we look at several lead nurturing tips that will help you achieve trade show success. We also discuss event safety and security tips and a hot new trend in experiential marketing.

Lead Nurturing Tips to Maximize Your Trade Show Success 

“What you do with your list of leads following a marketing event will determine your success and your ROI.” ~Exhibit Options

nurturing trade show leads

For years, companies have relied on trade shows to get products and services in front of potential customers. They offer a tremendous opportunity to create brand awareness, network, and generate leads. But once you have those leads, what do you do with them, and more importantly, how do you convert those prospects into customers to maximize ROI? Considering all of the time and effort that goes into planning a trade show exhibit, it’s crucial that you spend just as much time nurturing your leads. In this article, we’ll explore a few follow-up tips to ensure you get the most from your trade show leads.

Keeping Events Safe and Secure:  Industry Experts Share Helpful Tips

“…the recent Astroworld tragedy has brought into focus the importance of developing and executing a comprehensive event safety plan—because the coronavirus isn’t the only potential danger that attendees and staff might face.” ~Michele Laufik, BizBash

event safety and security tips

Since the onset of the pandemic, anytime event safety is discussed, it usually refers to COVID and how to protect attendees against the virus. But in light of recent event tragedies, it’s crucial to take a step back and reevaluate event safety plans and security practices. While no safety plan is foolproof, there are several things that event organizers can do to help keep attendees safe. In this article, BizBash talks with industry experts to discuss common safety issues and concerns and offers guidance for creating a comprehensive event safety plan.

Why Walk Through Experiences Are the Hot New Experiential Trend

“By designing walk-through experiences that are great for social sharing, are limited and immersive/multisensory you’re likely to connect and win over the hearts of your visitors.” ~Dyan Cornacchio, Sparks

Photo: Secret Media

In 2020, as experiential marketers scrambled to create ways to keep consumers engaged, drive-in and drive-thru experiences were the hot trends. Now, almost two years later, as life goes on and things are getting back to “normal,” experiential continues to adapt to meet the demands of the world around it. Hence, drive-thru experiences have evolved into immersive multisensory walk-through adventures that prioritize safety and a sense of belonging. Here, we’ll examine the benefits of walk-through experiences and why they are so effective.

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