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The rise of Generative AI in experiential marketing is not only a trend to watch in 2024 but a hands-on lesson in how consumers and marketers adopt emerging tech into their everyday lives. And it’s likely that Generative AI is only the tip of the iceberg regarding future innovations and disruptors to the status quo. What lessons can brands learn today about Generative AI that benefit their business goals and set them up for future success? Read on for five ways to leverage Generative AI to boost brand activations smartly and strategically.


Generative AI in Experiential Marketing

Test and Learn 

Right now, Generative AI feels like the wild west. Experiential marketers should do a lot of research to understand everything these apps and platforms can do to know what they want to limit in a live activation. After determining how you want to leverage Generative AI in an event and the desired outcome, rehearse all the possible ways to get there. For example, test out different prompts to learn which variables are on brand and which ones to avoid to stay on message.

Brand-facilitated, Not User-led

Staying on message is the number one priority of your on-site brand ambassadors, and their presence will be vital to making sure any activation sticks to the spirit of the campaign. That includes ensuring audiences use the tech correctly and experience it as intended. Make sure when you are testing outcomes that you are also thoroughly training event staff on the dos and don’ts of how to present it to an audience. A Generative AI component shouldn’t steal the show, and consumers don’t need carte blanche to use it. The tech should enhance a brand experience because it serves as a unique connection point.


If the goal of experiential marketing is a positive interaction between a brand and a consumer, then any Generative AI activation needs to put the audience at the center. Find ways to create outcomes that inject consumers into the brand environment or its essence so the user sees, hears, or feels immersed in the brand. This is also where the customization enabled by Generative AI is leveraged best. Letting the audiences choose how they are depicted in the immersion or activation allows them to feel more connected to the experience and, therefore, the brand.

Conceptual to Tangible 

As the use of Generative AI progresses, brands and companies will find several ways to insert this technology into marketing executions, but will consumers know or notice? To make a bigger consumer-facing impact in experiential marketing, brands should consider finding tangible ways for audiences to recognize the use of Generative AI. This is not only for the proof of innovation, but for transparency as well, so brands maintain their authenticity and credibility. Whether it’s a photo print, a digital file, or other UGC content, it’s best to disclose how it was created so audiences will have a real reminder of the experience.


Many generative AI platforms are open source, so users can manipulate them for any purpose. The last thing a brand wants is for a person to use Generative AI to infringe on intellectual property. So, in using the technology for experiential activations or audience strategies, brands should be mindful of opportunities where people could repeat or copy the experience for their own gains. For a brand to control its narrative and perception in the marketplace, parameters should be in place to ensure that Generative AI isn’t exploited outside of the intended environment.

The creative opportunities with Generative AI are exciting for marketers. However, with any new innovation, brands should do plenty of research and testing to ensure that the intended experience connects with consumers and is reflective of the brand environment and standards. Experiential marketing, in general, is meant to be a high-connection channel. Having the right people facilitating engagement with new tech is the first step to making it a success.

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