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Our Mobile App Marketing and Promotion strategies will bring your brand directly to your target market to generate new downloads and users.
According to TechCrunch mobile app marketing costs have hit an all time high at $2.25 but we can reduce these costs but targeting new users in public locations. Talking 1:1 with potential users is very effective and can easily be tracked.

Mobile App Marketing to People in Public

We’ve successfully generated 10,000’s of new app downloads and users for numerous apps with our mobile app marketing techniques. We are also able to highlight the features of the app with real people in the community you target. This is all done through our Brand Ambassadors a.k.a guerrilla marketing teams.

Sound unconventional? We work with all sizes of companies from start-ups to the largest brands in the world.

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing Downloads

The standard term for promotional staff is “Brand Ambassador” which, covers all types of event staff including street teams, promotion staff, event staff, college campus teams, trade show hosts and more.

They are the people on the front lines promoting your service or product plus engaging and entertaining your consumer on the benefits of your brand.

Common traits of any great Brand Ambassador include being easy to talk to, friendly and adaptable.

Our promotion teams are thoroughly trained on mobile app marketing and how to seek out targeted users and engage in conversation with them.

During training we reinforce the importance of being enthusiastic and energetic, engagement tactics, what NOT to do and much more.

This training is key, but it’s only the beginning.

If your considering mobile app marketing through street team promotions keep this things in mind.

Nobody will remember more than a few key talking points so focus on what you really want your potential customer to learn about your brand or app.
Make it fun! By adding in some jokes and a little flavor it will keep your .

Test them. ATN has a pre-event test built into our system to ensure that any brand ambassador we put into the field has absorbed the information you provided and is able to communicate your brand messaging effectively.
To sum it up, if somebody is talking about your brand or service at an event you can consider them brand ambassadors.

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