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As the event industry crumbled due to COVID-19, the people behind the scenes suffered a tremendous loss. The lack of events forced furloughs, layoffs, and a lack of work from the agency and production side to the field level.  But the crisis also created a demand for new types of event jobs – including virtual roles and those focused on health and safety.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we explore several new event jobs that emerged during the pandemic.  We also discuss the power of pop-up marketing and deliver tips to prepare you for a successful trade show comeback.

Pandemic Creates Demand for New Event Roles

“With clients’ priorities shifting, plus an increased focus on virtual and hybrid events as well as health and safety protocols, event firms and venues alike have been expanding their teams to accommodate new specialist roles.” ~Claire Hoffman, BizBash

The pandemic forced the events industry to evolve in many ways. In-person events were put on hold, while virtual events bridged the gap. As live events slowly started coming back, hybrid formats took off; and event organizers had to consider a myriad of health and safety considerations for face-to-face events. As a result of all of this, many new production and event staffing roles emerged to support the demands of the ever-changing event landscape. In this article, we take a closer look at these new specialized roles and what they entail.

Tips to Prepare for Your Trade Show Comeback

“It’s time for us to dust off our show shoes, find our clothes without elastic, and hit the show floor.” ~Mark Jenkins, Promo Marketing Magazine

Photo: Surf Expo

Trade show marketing is one of the best ways to reach customers and potential customers in face-to-face settings.  Unfortunately, the trade show industry was hit hard and fast early on in the pandemic. Trade shows and conferences were the first events to cancel and have been slowest to come back.  But, with each passing day, the future is looking bright with more and more major and multi-day shows claiming their spot on the calendar.  As you prepare for your trade show comeback, these tips and best practices will set you up for success.

The Power of Pop-Up Marketing 

“A mobile pop-up store will give your brand an important boost in terms of authority and visibility.” ~Lime Media Group

Pop-up shops have been a hot experiential marketing trend over the last few years, and as in-person experiences ramp up, we’re sure to see more pop-ups popping up.  Pop-ups are temporary and cost-effective and come in several formats – from brick-and-mortar spaces to shipping containers.  Pop-up shops offer companies of all sizes the opportunity to expand their reach, generate brand awareness, and offer consumers a unique personalized experience.  This article explores the power of pop-ups and how the strategy can benefit your brand.

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