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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

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For years brands have relied on sampling campaigns to get their products in the hands of consumers.  But with the safety concerns surrounding COVID, brands and marketers have gotten creative with sampling tactics.  In this edition of Happy Hour, we discuss how brands are navigating samplings in the age of COVID.  We also look at the power of nostalgia marketing and feature an important discussion surrounding the safety of live events.

Product Sampling in the Age of COVID

“The pandemic has changed how companies provide a taste of their products to shoppers — a valuable practice that can boost long-term sales for a brand.” ~ Christopher Doering, Food Dive

Product Sampling in the Age of Covid

One of the most effective ways for CPG brands to raise brand awareness is through product sampling campaigns. But this effective marketing tactic came to a halt as COVID-19 swept through the country, forcing brands to come up with new (and safe) ideas to get their products in the hands of consumers. In this article, we’ll take a look at some new approaches that brands are experimenting with, along with traditional samplings that included increased safety measures to protect consumers and product samplers.

The Power of Nostalgia Marketing 

“Brands, marketers and content creators alike have come to recognize that strolling down memory lane can be a powerful tool when working to form an emotional connection with consumers.” ~TJ Leonard, Adweek

Power of Nostalgia Marketing

Photo:  Campaign Live UK

Nostalgia is powerful. It has a way of tugging on the heartstrings by conjuring up all the warm and fuzzy feel-goods from years past. And when brands incorporate nostalgia into their marketing strategies, it strikes a chord with consumers as those fond memories surface. Feelings of happiness and good times resonate with consumers and elicit an emotional response that has many benefits for brands. Here, Adweek shares several examples of successful nostalgic marketing campaigns and best practices to boot.

Research Sheds Light on the Safety of Live Events

safety of live events

Photo: Chicago Tribune

With the Delta variant looming over the U.S., the safety of live events is once again in question. Fortunately, recent research by Freeman and Epistemix suggests that in-person events are safe to attend. In fact, the study shows that they pose less risk than normal daily activities and do not result in an increase in local COVID cases. The research dives into large-scale events like Lollapalooza and smaller community events, as well as the safety protocols and requirements in place to make events safe. If you are hesitant about hosting an event or attending one, you’ll want to check out this Freeman presentation.

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