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Brand Ambassadors – Beachside Promo Event

Job Description

Role:  Brand Ambassador

Event:  Beach Accessory Promo – Beachside Event

Overview: ATN Event Staffing is seeking outgoing team members to assist with a super fun beachside promo event for a new beach accessory/product.

*Additional training materials and COVID safety guidelines will be provided upon booking*


  • Destin and Miramar, FL
    • June 17th – 18th: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Job Duties:

  •  Greet and invite beach-goers to enter the outdoor event booth for a chance to win the product
  • Present product features and distribute information
  • Take photos, and record some simple video clips, for social media posts
  • Any sales will be handled by the staff inside the store
  • Keep booth area tidy


  • Must be friendly, outgoing and have great customer service skills
  • Is a team player, helpful and reliable

Please create an ATN Talent Profile to be considered for this position.   If you already have an ATN Talent Profile, no further action is required (if your qualifications and skill set match what the client is seeking, you will be notified of the job opening).

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