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Market Manager and Assistant Market Manager – Energy Drops (Water Enhancer)

Job Description

ATN is seeking client, staff, and customer-facing, experienced “nuts-and-bolts” leader(s) to oversee the guerilla marketing street team and wet sampling program of a top energy drop brand.

Wet-Sampling Program

  • (4) Street Teams per market
  • (11) Sampling dates per Street Team
  • (1) Manager, (1) Asst Manager & (7) Brand Ambassadors per street team
  • (1) van per Street Team (driven mainly by Manager)
  • In-Market job (no additional travel)

General Job Description

  • Educate, lead, and supervise local a local Street Team
  • Inventory product and apparel (in van and storage unit)
  • Oversee potable water restocking and rocket-backpack refills
  • Obtaining/uploading real-time event photos & completing day-end recaps (submitted via cell-phone during the shift)
  • Responsible for maintenance of all equipment (taking care of, cleaning, repairing, and noting when larger repairs are needed)
  • Must be available to assist with miscellaneous admin tasks and errands (will be paid hourly for recaps, shopping trips, conference calls, etc.)
  • Lead by example; this includes sampling when not busy with other responsibilities (especially for the Asst. Manager role)


  • Engaging leader who invigorates street teams and manages various personalities
  • Delegates responsibilities and tasks effectively
  • Proactive.  One who uses previous experiences and foresight to dispel most problems before they arise
  • Loves events, managing, and the ongoing daily challenges involved
  • A “roll with the punches” attitude
  • Low-maintenance individual who can work in all outdoor conditions
  • Well-spoken, professional communication skills
  • Knowledge of the local market and potential guerilla sampling locations
  • Clean driving record and ability to drive large van (Manager requirement, not required for Asst. Manager)
  • Reliable team member who understands the big picture and handles all aspects (including paperwork) in a timely fashion
  • Must be available for all known/listed training and event days.  Ideal candidates will have a flexible schedule to accommodate potentially undetermined/rescheduled event dates.
  • Minimum 4 years of event marketing experience
  • Minimum 2 years of event marketing management experience

Manager Daily Action Items

  • Drive van to water refill location (meet other 3 vans)
  • Fill the storage tank with potable water 
  • Drive to meet staff at designated meeting spot (park near the sampling location)
  • Check-in staff (keep/dismiss backups)
  • Fill beverage backpacks
  • Place and oversee experienced Brand Ambassadors
  • Train new staff
  • Refill beverage backpacks throughout the shift
  • Sample product as needed (lead by example)
  • Take/upload event photos periodically throughout the day
  • Plan following day’s alternate locations
  • Complete daily recap and photo
  • Notify following day’s staff (in-person / text) of meet location for the following day
  • Assess (and pickup) supplies if needed for the following days

 Assistant Manager Daily Action Items

  • Place and oversee Brand Ambassadors
  • Take/upload event photos periodically throughout the day
  • Sample product via beverage backpacks


  • Manager – Estimated total $5,600.00 at 140 hours ($40/hr) – Approximately 9-11hr workdays (including prep, post, & recapping)
  • Assistant Manager – Estimated total $3675.00 at 105 hours ($35.00/hr) – Approximately 9-11hr workdays (including prep, post, & recapping)
  • $50.00 cell phone stipend/reimbursement

Activation Dates (as of 9/18/23)

  • Austin – 9/29 (Fri), 9/30 (Sat), 10/1 (Sun), 10/5 (Thurs), 10/6 (Fri), 10/7 (Sat), 10/8 (Sun), 10/12 (Thurs), 10/13 (Fri), 10/14 (Sat), 10/15 (Sun)

To apply to either position please email your attached resume. In your email state the market and the role you are applying for (Manager or Assistant Manager)

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