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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 08.17.18

Over the past few years, the retail industry has surely seen its struggles.  With retail giants like Toys R’ Us and HH Gregg closing their doors, retailers have become increasingly aware that as consumers evolve, they have to evolve with them.  Retailers are realizing that in order to survive, they have to offer customers an enjoyable experience, something that stands out, that makes people want to return.  Experiential retail does that.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we’ll take a look at how experience stores and experiential retail is transforming the retail industry, as well as the key benefits of experiential marketing.  We also cover current experiential event tech trends and how brands are making an impact with cause marketing events.

The Rise of Experience Stores

experience stores experiential retail Consumers will always depend on retailers for goods and services, but where and how they purchase those goods and services has drastically changed.  With the increase of brick and mortars closing their doors, and online retailers competing for customers, retailers understand that they must do something to stand out in the sea of competition.  As retailers begin to realize that today’s consumers prefer experiences,  they are turning to experiential retail and experience stores to do that.  Experience stores are completely unusual and quite eccentric in that they don’t offer anything for sale.  Instead, they focus on the customer’s buying journey, offering experiences that educate customers and immerse them in the brand.  Read on to see how experiential retail is changing the industry as we know it.

Experiential Event Tech Trends That Are Raising the Bar

experiential event technologyAs experiential marketing continues to grow by leaps and bounds, marketers see the value in personalized experiences and improving attendee engagement.  And, as technology continues to evolve, it offers experiential marketers even more ways to connect with consumers while immersing them in the brand’s story. From live-streaming events to gamification to augmented reality, technology is paving the way for brands to engage with consumers through unique and innovative brand experiences.  Here, we’ll look at the event technology that is ruling 2018 and how marketers can use the technology to elevate the brand experience.

3 Key Benefits of Experiential Marketing

experiential marketing benefitsDay in and day out, people are bombarded with ads, over 5,000 to be exact.  But with ad-blockers and DVRs, most of those ads become lost or tuned out.  And because of that, in this crazy noisy world that we live in, marketers have quickly realized that face-to-face brand experiences cut through all the noise.  Experiential marketing is powerful in that it reaches consumers through real-life interactions which engage the senses, stirs up emotions, and creates a lasting impression.  They want to experience what the brand has to offer, they want to participate, and they want to share.  All of that plays an important role in not only creating awareness for the brand, but it also creates brand loyalty.  If you haven’t incorporated experiential marketing into your overall marketing strategy, here are three reasons why you should.

6 Brands That Are Using Cause Marketing to Make an Impact

“It seems that now, more than ever before, companies can’t get away with just talking the talk; they have to walk the walk.” ~Event Marketer

cause marketing eventsAccording to this article, a 2017 Cone Communications study reported that 87 percent of Americans stated that they would purchase a product because a company supported an issue they cared about.  This proves that today’s consumer sees value and places trust in companies that support causes that make the world and their local communities a better place.  And, brands are paying attention.  Not only are companies supporting causes with financial contributions or by using sustainable practices, they are also creating awareness and advocating for causes through live experiences.  Live experiences give brands the opportunity to present global and local issues in interactive ways that allow consumers to become a part of the initiative and a part of a movement. And, it’s making a big impact.  See how these six brands are using cause marketing campaigns to better the world.

Here’s How to Create an Unforgettable Trade Show Booth

trade showTrade shows are jammed packed with exhibits and booths all vying for the attention of those in attendance.  To create an unforgettable trade show booth, exhibitors must grab the attention of those in attendance and do so quickly.  Creating an unforgettable booth is vital to the success of your event, not to mention your ROI.  In order to create something that people will remember, you need to take every detail into consideration.  From visual design to activities to event staff and giveaways, every single element of your booth ties into the overall attendee experience.  Read on for tips on how to create a memorable trade show booth.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of Happy Hour!  Join us next week for another round-up of the all the latest in experiential and event marketing.  Cheers!

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