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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

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There was much to celebrate at SDCC 2019 (also known as Comic-Con International) this year.  In addition to the fact that the convention is the most anticipated pop culture event of the year, SDCC also celebrated its 50th event!  Comic-Con offers something for just about everyone, but one of the biggest attractions at SDCC is the immersive experiential activations that take place.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we’ll take a look at the best fan experiences at SDCC 2019.

SDCC 2019:  A Round-Up of the Best Activations

SDCC 2019 Brand Activations

Amazon Prime Video  
Photo:  SDCC Blog

Comic-Con International wouldn’t be complete without the super-cool brand activations that take over the city of San Diego.   From a VR skydiving experience and a 1960s themed high-society lounge to an escape room and fictional city, here’s what made Warner Bros., EPIX, NBC, and others stand out.   

Holy Batman!  10 Exciting TV Themed Experiences

SDCC 2019 Brand Activations

Photo: Heidi MacDonald, The Beat

Year after year, television networks and streaming service providers put on some of the coolest and most exciting experiences at SDCC.  Fans love the interactivity of these immersive activations that allow them to have a real-life, tangible experience with their favorite television shows.  Here, Adweek presents 10 of the most exciting television themed experiences from SDCC 2019.

The Creative Geniuses Behind the Scenes

SDCC 2019 Brand Activations

Adult Swim                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Photo: The Beat

Comic-Con International features some of the most creative and jaw-dropping experiential activations on the planet.  But if you stop and think about what goes into one of the activations, it’s mind-boggling.  The design aspects, the engagement strategy, the technology, the logistics, the setup – the list goes on and on.  Here, the Beat sits down with experiential marketing guru, Seth Bardacke, to discuss everything that goes into creating these magical fan experiences.

The Who’s Who of Toy Brand Activations

SDCC 2019 Brand Activations

Mondo, Masters of the Universe
Photo: Syfy

The Golden State Comic-Con (what we know as SDCC today) started in a hotel basement in 1970.  At that time, Comic-Con was strictly for comic book and sci-fi enthusiasts.  Fast forward to today, and you’ve got a wide mix of fans, from celebrity seekers to cosplay characters to those who just want to experience it all.  But for some, like the author of this article, it’s all about the exclusive toys and collectible items.  Take a look at Syfy’s top toy booth picks from SDCC 2019.

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