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Seasonal Event Staffing Solutions – How To Find The Right Staff For Your Event

Seasonal Event Staffing Solutions

So the busy season is over, right?  Actually, no, it isn’t.  At ATN Event Staffing, we get this.

Festive holiday programs, retail promotional events, and ongoing sporting activations tend to have their own sets of event staffing challenges. We understand the particulars of providing seasonal event staffing solutions during this time of year.

Many programs are ongoing and can be tough to keep staffed for the duration.

When the holidays hit, it’s difficult to find an event staffing agency that can provide available brand ambassadors, especially in smaller markets.

Fortunately, ATN has tools in place to minimize short-staffed event scenarios, including but not limited to:

A Backup Staff Option

For quality assurance, we provide additional onsite back-ups and on-call staff members. Redundancy is the key to success when dealing with temporary event staff. As a reliable nationwide event staffing agency resource, ATN offers essential double coverage, unlike some lower cost event staffing agencies.

ATN’s performance rate is above 99% when comparing hours requested versus hours worked.  We devote considerable time and resources to redundancies. Of course, we could staff events more quickly and easily by taking shortcuts, like some event staffing providers, but ATN doesn’t deliver spotty results. We hear horror stories all the time; we’re often called to “pick up the pieces” and save the tour. Our long-term clients rely on us because they want things done right and require full attendance onsite every time.

A 275K+ Staff Member Database

With our diverse, 275K+ member and rapidly growing database, ATN  is equipped to meet event staffing needs in almost any market. Our large pool of talent provides clients with endless options from which to select just the right fit for each event.

A Full-time Recruitment Department

Our diligent recruiters not only stock our database with quality staff year-round, but they thrive when it comes to finding very specific candidates in even the most remote locations. Call our recruiters to task and they’ll find that needle in the haystack your event requires.

ATN  provides event staffing support in many different areas, but we excel in these particular spaces:

The busiest US shopping malls
Every NFL stadium
Most college stadiums and campuses
Retail environments
On- and off-premise accounts

ATN is a leading event staffing agency that has staffed countless holiday and seasonal marketing events.  Contact ATN today to learn more about our event staffing solutions!  

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