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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Sensory campaigns are a growing trend in experiential marketing. By engaging the senses, brands have a greater chance of having their message heard, and more importantly, remembered.  Triggering the senses creates an immediate impression and the science behind it is fascinating. In this week’s Happy Hour, we take a look at seven brands that nailed sensory campaigns.  We also discuss how digital and experiential marketing go hand-in-hand.  Other featured articles outline the basics of planning a brand activation and the top trade show trends of the year.

7 Brands that Nailed Sensory Experiential Campaigns

mulitsensory experiential campaigns

Photo: Sara Strick

Brand activations that appeal to the senses create a magical moment between consumers and brands.  By engaging one or more of the five senses, brands instantly create an impression.  But what’s more important is that the experience resonates with consumers and creates a memorable moment, one that sticks with them and one that’s so amazing, they want to share it.  In this article, Jawbone Creative takes a look at seven brands who nailed sensory experiential campaigns.

Experiential Marketing and Digital Marketing:  A Powerful Pair

experiential marketing combined with digitalIt’s no coincidence that the rise of experiential marketing directly relates to the growth of digital marketing.  Digital marketing has changed the way brands communicate with consumers while experiential marketing has changed the way brands engage with consumers.  But when brands combine these two powerful strategies, the results are even greater.  When you integrate digital and experiential, you create a cohesive brand experience that leads consumers through your brand’s story through multiple touchpoints.  Here, we take a look at how you can combine the two to maximize your results.

6 Things That Are Trending on the Trade Show Floor

trade show trends

Photo: Exhibit Concepts

Many companies rely heavily on trade shows to connect with customers and potential customers.  And with so much at stake, trade show marketers have to stay on top of the latest trends. Earlier in the year, Exhibit Concepts published their predictions of the top five trade show trends for 2019.  Now that we are more than halfway through the year, they revisit those predictions as well as discuss new trends that have developed throughout the year.  From nostalgic engagement to data collection to in-booth meeting spaces, here is what has been trending on the trade show floor this year.

Brand Activations:  The Building Blocks for Success

brand activation planningBrand activations have quickly become one of the most effective ways for companies to build brand awareness, get their products and services in front of potential customers, and build relationships with existing customers.  They cut through the typical marketing clutter and deliver a highly engaging experience that results in valuable relationships between brands and consumers.  But in order to see these types of results, brands need to focus on the basics first.  From finding the perfect creative team to logistics and permitting, these are the fundamentals that come before anything else.

Thanks for joining us for this week’s Happy Hour!  Join us again next week as we discuss the latest and greatest in experiential marketing.

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