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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 11.30.18

Experiential marketing is on every marketer’s radar.  They know that consumers want experiences and brands are using that to leverage themselves in the marketplace.  The emotional ties that brand experiences form is what makes experiential so powerful. In this week’s Happy Hour, we feature an article that discusses the significance of experiential marketing.  We also take a peek at four amazing experiential retail activations that will inspire you and a few epic brand activations from the gaming and esports industry.

The Significance of Experiential Marketing in Today’s Marketplace

“The most effective way to maximize customer value is to move beyond mere satisfaction and connect with customers at an emotional level.” ~Jessica Reznick

significance of experiential marketingExperiential marketing has certainly made a name for itself over the past several years.  Companies understand that in-person experiences are the best and most powerful way to engage and connect with consumers. It’s the emotional connection, the bond that is formed between a brand and consumer, that makes experiential marketing so different from every other form of advertising and it’s what makes so incredibly impactful.  But, with just about every industry jumping on board to try out this strategy, companies need to be mindful when planning activations.  Today’s consumers want authentic experiences, well thought out activations that speak to them and immerse them in the brand’s story.  Here, we take a look at how brands can avoid some the obstacles of experiential marketing and how they can create authentic experiences that will bring them maximum ROI and ROE.

How Gaming and Esports Brands are Winning with Experiential

“For many brands, esport activations and navigating the gaming ecosystem at large are real challenges. Some brands get it and deliver brand gold while others are just starting to find their footing.” ~Christie St. Martin

esports brand activationsWhile the esports industry has been around for decades, it saw major growth in 2018.  According to this report, in 2017, esports revenues were $655 million, projections for 2019 have revenues at a whopping $1.1 billion.  With the increase in popularity, we’ve seen an uptick in brand sponsorships and activations at esports tournaments.  But this year brought a new wave of activations in esports.  Gaming brands themselves are turning to experiential marketing to connect with fans.  Brand activations have given gaming brands an enormous opportunity to engage with audiences at esports events.  Here, Sparks showcases 5 epic brand activations from the esports and gaming industry.

Inspirational Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

“Retailers are getting more creative than ever to compete for a share of those dollars.” ~Michelle Cheng

experiential retailAccording to this article, the average consumer will spend $1,000 this holiday season. And retailers everywhere are competing for their share of that spend.   Experiential retail gives retailers an edge and a way to stand out, especially during the holidays.  Offering in-store experiences draws customers in and keeps them there.  And that’s exactly what today’s consumer wants.  They want the shopping experience to be enjoyable and they want to make memories along the way. This article features four organizations who are offering unique and innovative experiences for their customers this holiday season.

Join us for Happy Hour each week when we bring you the latest news, tips, and trends from the experiential and event marketing industry.   Cheers!

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