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Spokesmodel Gigs – 6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Submitting Headshot Photos To An Event Staffing Agency

By: Shannon Locker – Digital Marketing Manager – Head of Talent Acquisition at ATN Promo

Often times Spokesmodels and Promotional Model applicants get passed over for work simply because of poor profile photos.

When creating a profile for an events staffing agency or submitting your photos for a specific job it is important to remember that your role is essentially that of a live spokesmodels. As a spokesmodel you are, in real life, representing various products and services. Your personality, appearance and professional presence is extremely important to clients as you will be the face of the event and interacting with consumers.


Toyota Spokesmodels

Staffing agency profile photos must be treated as if you were presenting your physical self at a job interview.

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself when submitting head shot photos to events staffing agencies and clients:

1. How many profile photos should I have?

-Three profile photos is the magic number because it provides enough information without inundating clients with an overload of photos.

2. What am I showing?

-A BIG, genuine smile in at least two photos is what we are looking for. Include one headshot and one fuller body shot.

3. What am I wearing?

-Business casual attire or promotional uniform

-Hair looking tidy and natural make up

4. What am I NOT wearing?

-Hats, sunglasses or anything that hides your face, head and hair color

-Lingerie, swimwear or anything that resembles it and guess what? Unless the gig uniform is specifically a bikini or something similar, we won’t even show these images to client which puts you out of the running for most jobs.

-Offensive attire – AKA unsavory t-shirt slogans

5. What types of photos should I NOT include in my profile?

-ANY group photos

-Bar photos or alcohol drinks in hand (unless it’s from a promotion you worked)

-Selfies or selfie mirror shots

-Overly Photoshopped or filtered images

-Inappropriate sexual poses or rude gestures

-A bedroom or bathroom as backdrop

6. How can I use my photos to get pushed to the top of the selection process at events staffing agencies?

– Update your profile photos every three months
– SMILE in your photos!
– Use a minimal amount Photoshop or filters on your photos

Remember this:

In the experiential staffing world we aren’t just seeking a pretty face in a picture, we need REAL people to work events. YOU are our clients’ spokesmodels which means YOU are the voice and face to the event. The photos you present are the closest thing we have to physically meeting you in person. We check for updated profiles DAILY and SEE when you do this and it reminds us that YOU are out there. Look at your photographs as an excellent way to show the unique individual that you are!

How do I apply?

Set up a free ATN Promo profile HERE. It is through this profile that you will land Spokesmodels gigs