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What Makes Good Staffing Partners?

When it comes to promotional events, the staff members on the ground representing a client’s product or service can make or break an event. Thats why you need the right staffing partners!

At ATN Promo we understand the importance of matching just the right staff member for each and every project, and to provide those essential onsite redundancies (…to be sure your event is never short-staffed). We get it. And we’ve cultivated many long-standing relationships with our clients as a result. We’re the go-to one-stop-shop for many agencies and brands as a result. We can do it all from coast to coast, and everywhere in between.

Saffing Partners

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At ATN Promo we offer a few staffing partners advantages that other agencies do not:

Location Location Location! “Across The Nation” applies to not only our talent pool and also our internal management team. With offices in Chicago, Philadelphia, LA, and St Louis our cross-country management reach allows for our to managers to visit event activations even when our clients can’t.

We get it! With an internal team comprised of notable former agency-side Event Producers and experienced Onsite Managers means we proactively thwart off potentially unforeseen challenges. We also provide free consulting to our preferred clients as needed.

Talent is as talent does! ATN’s massive database and FULL TIME Recruiting Department allow for us to handle the projects that many staffing agencies fall-short on (or turn down). ATN Promo doesn’t balk at the small market, last-minute, gigantic, or tailored event staffing needs. We’re a one stop shop for many accordingly.


Don’t worry! Our clients are primarily agency-based but we do work directly with a number of brands. However, we are not a production/creative agency nor do we intend to be. We won’t be competing for your client’s direct creative or production-based business someday.

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