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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

As a pioneer in the experiential marketing staffing industry, we here at ATN have seen a huge shift in what brands and marketing agencies need and expect from their brand ambassadors and event staff.  With more immersive and engaging experiences, today’s activations require a higher skill level and more experience than in past years.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we look at how the experiential staffing process has evolved and a few key factors that could positively (or negatively) affect your marketing efforts.  We also highlight some really cool interactive event elements and take a peek at how brands and airports are working together to make the airport process more fun.

The Shift in Experiential Marketing Staffing and What You Need to Know

experiential marketing staffingFor years, a happy face and a product sample were essentially what made up the experiential marketing industry.  However, consumer preferences have shifted drastically over the past decade and today’s consumers demand authentic experiences from brands that are tailored to their needs.  Brands realize the value in designing experiences that create deep-rooted connections which foster trust and aid in building brand loyalty.  In order to form those connections though, brand activations require more engagement and interaction than they once did.  As a result, the selection and hiring process has drastically changed as brands seek out more qualified and experienced staff to represent them.  In this article, the Promotional Marketing Institute discusses the future of experiential marketing staffing and what brands and agencies need to consider to ensure that their campaigns are a success.

Brands are Using Marketing Events to Spice Up Airports (and Travelers Dig It)

airport marketing brand activationsAccording to Statista, the global airline industry will accommodate a record 4.6 billion people in 2019.  Brands, especially luxury retailers, are capitalizing on that number by using experiential marketing activations and pop-up shops in airports to drive brand awareness.  The activations are breathing life into the boring and drab airport terminals by offering vibrant visual elements and engaging interactive experiences that travelers love!  Not only does it break up the monotony of traveling, but it also offers a unique and fun experience for passengers.  And I think we all can attest that that’s better than sitting around and waiting on a flight, right?  Here, we look at how airport marketing is creating a win-win for airports and brands.

10 Interactive Solutions to Keep Event Attendees Engaged

Interactive Event ElementsAs brands look to connect with their audiences on a personal level through experiential marketing, marketers continually seek out ways to keep event attendees engaged.  And thankfully, interactive elehttp://engagementments have come a long way thanks to technology.  While prize wheels and Plinko boards are still a mainstay in events, event marketers have a brand-new world of engagement solutions to explore.  From social cafes to 3D hologram fans, here are some of the interactive engagement tools that are trending in the experiential marketing industry.

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