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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

One of the primary focuses of experiential marketing is to promote and market brands in a humanized way. Unlike traditional marketing tactics that seem forced, experiential brand activations occur naturally in everyday life, making them unique and appealing. But just like any other marketing strategy, brand activation campaigns have many moving parts and are well-thought-out and carefully planned. In this Happy Hour round-up, we discuss the core components of successful brand activations. We also present the top trade show trends to watch in 2022, and we look at the importance of conducting an event sponsorship evaluation.

The Components of a Successful Brand Activation

“From the very beginning of an activation, brands must have a plan for the message they want to convey, and select an activation that meets their budget, timeline, and vision.” ~Adam Fabianski, Bridgewater Studio

what makes a successful brand activation

Brand activations have become a go-to marketing strategy because they allow brands to create engaging experiences for consumers that ultimately lead to personal and emotional connections. These connections are entirely organic as consumers choose to participate in an experience instead of messaging being pushed on them.  To pull off a successful brand activation, there are many factors to consider, from engaging brand ambassadors to interactive elements to shareable content.  This article shares the key components of top-performing activations.

Trade Show Trends to Watch

“Leaders can take advantage of technology and industry trends to differentiate their offerings while reducing costs.” ~Hospitality Network

trade show trends

For many companies, trade shows are a go-to event marketing strategy and account for a significant portion of marketing budgets. With most trade shows being canceled or scaled back significantly in 2020 and 2021, companies are eager to get back on the exhibit floor this year to showcase their products, connect with customers and prospects, and network with like-minded people. But a lot has changed in two years, from technology to exhibit design. In this article, we’ll look at the trends that are reshaping the trade show industry.

How to Conduct an Event Sponsorship Evaluation

“Demonstrating the value of your partnership involves comprehensive data collection, a good understanding of how to measure event sponsorship ROI, and accurate reporting.” ~Eventbrite

event sponsorship

Event sponsorships make perfect sense and are mutually beneficial for both event organizers and sponsors. Brands invest in events because they expect to gain something valuable in return. Be it awareness, leads, or sales. As this featured article states, “finding the right sponsor and meeting their demands requires good preparation.” In order to understand the value of a partnership, it is critical to perform a comprehensive sponsorship evaluation. Here, Eventbrite provides several tips on how to evaluate potential sponsorships and measure sponsorship ROI.  

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