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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Incorporating experiential marketing tactics when launching a product is a smart move. Product launch events allow you to showcase your new product in a fun and innovative way that creates buzz and makes a strong impression on consumers. In this week’s Happy Hour, we’ll dive into some tips that will help you craft a successful product launch event. We’ll also look at 20 new event touchpoints to consider in the age of COVID, and we feature an article that discusses how hotel brands are using experiential marketing to attract guests.

Planning a Successful Product Launch With Experiential Marketing

“Some of the most successful product-specific campaign launches have utilized the power of experiential marketing to captivate people and create buzz.” ~The Pineapple Agency

successful Product Launch Event for Samsung Galaxy

Launching a new product can be quite an undertaking. In fact, it’s one of the most significant moments for brands. With that said, creating hype for a new product is crucial and could mean the difference between a successful launch or a bust. One of the most effective ways to pull off a successful product launch is to incorporate experiential marketing into your strategy. Experiential allows you to engage with consumers in a fun and memorable way while giving you the prime opportunity to create awareness for your product, attract customers, and drive sales. This article highlights ways that you can incorporate experiential marketing into your next product launch.

6 Hotel Brands That Are Using Experiential Marketing Tactics to Attract Guests

“From neon polar bears to AR experiences, check out these cool, creative installations from JW Marriott, ARIA Resort & Casino and more.” ~Michele Laufik, BizBash

Photo: Event Marketer/Sean Smith

The hospitality and tourism industry suffered a tremendous loss during the pandemic. But with more people traveling, hotels brands are eager to attract guests to their properties using a variety of tactics, including experiential marketing. Many people associate experiential with CPG brands, but the fact is, it works for just about any type of industry. In this article, BizBash features six hotel brands that are using experiential marketing tactics to welcome guests with unique experiences.

Event Touchpoint Considerations in the Age of COVID

“To help attendees feel comfortable and confident about the event experience, put yourself in their shoes so you can understand the event journey from their point of view.” ~Ryan Costello, Event Farm

event safety staff at a conference

Event attendee expectations have changed drastically since the beginning of the pandemic.  Some are eager to return to events while others may be more hesitant.  As we’ve discussed previously, it’s important for event organizers and producers to be mindful of the wide range of emotions and expectations that people have.  And since touchpoints are an integral part of the attendee journey, it’s important for event professionals to take these pandemic-related changes into consideration.  In this article, Event Farm shares twenty new touchpoints that will help instill confidence in attendees while providing an enjoyable experience.

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