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Conferences allow companies to network, nurture relationships, and generate leads, which can lead to incredible ROI. But it’s also a very competitive space. To really stand out and make an impact, organizations can utilize experiential tactics to differentiate themselves from the competition and elevate the attendee experience. In this edition of Happy Hour, we look at how conference hosts and exhibiting brands can go from boring to bold with experiential elements. We also explore the importance of marketing to people, not demographics, and the role that brand affinity plays in creating brand loyalists.

Taking Conferences from Boring to Bold with Experiential Tactics 

“Attendees expect more than just a boring old lecture – they want an experience that’s both valuable and interactive, whether in-person or tuning in virtually.” ~InEvent

Create events people love

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Conferences are known for their informative sessions and networking opportunities. But for some attendees, they can be dreadful. In today’s fast-paced world, attention spans are short, and it’s important for conference organizers to incorporate interactive elements (similar to what we see in experiential marketing) to keep attendees engaged and energized. From hands-on workshops to gamification, interactive elements can breathe life into conferences, taking them from boring to bold.  Read on for tips and ideas on how you can create a vibrant conference atmosphere that leaves attendees feeling excited and inspired.

Why Marketers Should Focus on People, Not Demographics 

“If you’re looking for a way to cut through the noise of the market, acquire new clients in an efficient and cost-friendly way, you need to start working with psychographics.” ~Nathan Chan, Foundr

Since the early days of marketing, companies have used audience segmentation to define who their target audience is.  Factors like gender, age, and even income play a major role in marketing campaigns. While demographics are certainly important, they are not the end-all-be-all.  When companies focus on one demographic so heavily, they put all of their eggs in one basket. Instead, they should focus on the characteristics of their ideal audience – their interests, habits, behavior, and attitude – the real deal.  This article further explains the importance of marketing to people instead of demographics and why companies should use buyer personas to connect with their TRUE audience.

Leveraging Brand Affinity to Boost Brand Loyalty

“. . .consumers are more likely to buy products and services and remain loyal to companies that deliver an exceptional brand experience.” ~CallMiner 

When brands go above and beyond to deliver amazing customer experiences, something magical happens. Customers walk away feeling good about their purchase. They feel valued and understood. And most importantly, they feel connected to the brand. All of this leads to brand affinity, which paves the way for long-lasting relationships. And when people genuinely love a brand, they become loyal advocates. Here, we take a look at how brand experiences and brand affinity can boost brand loyalty.

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