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8 Common Promotional Modeling Misconceptions Explained

Working in the experiential and event marketing industry is a great way to earn a living, meet new people, and a big plus is you get to work at some really cool events.  While there are a variety of roles available in the industry for anyone with a great personality and a great smile, promotional models have played an integral role in the industry since the early days.  What used to considered as a role that required only an attractive model representing a brand has morphed into something much more over the last 10 years or so.  Here, we take a look at the role in general and eight common misconceptions surrounding promotional modeling.

What Exactly Is Promotional Modeling?

First off, let clear up what exactly a promotional model does.  Most people don’t realize they’ve interacted with a promotional model at some point. Whether it be at a concert, race expo, bar, trade show or any other live event there likely will be promotional models onsite to represent all kinds of brands. Promotional models play a big role in the consumer brand experience!   They help to elevate a brand’s presence, create awareness for the brand, and boost brand relationships through direct interactions with consumers.

8 Promotional Modeling Misconceptions Explained

Fiction:  You are only allowed to work for one agency.

Fact:  A great perk about promotional modeling is the flexibility to represent a variety of brands at all various events. Non-exclusivity is something a legitimate agency will gladly offer. Prior to registering with an agency check to make sure this is the case.

Fiction: You have to be super tall.

Fact:  Promotional modeling is not runway modeling.  The majority of jobs do not require models to be a certain height.  Occasionally clients will request models over a certain height, but it is rare.

Fiction:  Men cannot be promotional models.

Fact:  There are plenty of promotional modeling opportunities for both men and women.

Fiction:  The work is easy.

Fact:  Being the face and voice of a brand onsite is hard work. Shifts can be long and promotional models and require a lot of standing, in fact, most jobs require models to be on their feet for much of the shift.  Maintaining high energy and talking to people all day is far from easy.

Fiction: You need professional photos.

Fact:  Whether your agency photos are professional or not, the most important thing is that they are true to you and your appearance. A well lit, un-touched headshot and full body shot is all you need.

Fiction:  Your only job is to look pretty.

Fact:  This is probably the biggest misconception out there. While promotional modeling jobs do come with specific appearance requirements (which vary from job to job), physical attributes are just one factor that agencies consider.  A promo model must also have a great personality that draws people into an experience.  They have to be friendly, engaging, highly-professional and have superb communication skills to qualify for any promotional modeling role.

Fiction: Promo model uniforms are revealing.

Fact:  Most promotional modeling jobs do not require the model to wear revealing clothes – not all, but most of them.  The standard uniform is black pants, comfortable shoes, and a branded shirt is typically provided. Like with anything else, if you find yourself uncomfortable with the uniform, you can always pass on the job.  Agencies will completely understand and respect your decision.

Fiction:  It takes months to get paid.

Fact:  This may be true for some promotional modeling agencies but many have a prompt payment system. Payroll paperwork is complex and varies from agency to agency.  A delay in payment is often due to incomplete paperwork and/or forms that are not submitted on time. As long as you take your time in completing your payroll paperwork and pay close attention to the agency directions, you can expect payment within 10 – 15 business days.  If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact your agency rep.  A good agency will be communicative and assist in the payment process.

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