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Headshot Tips and Tricks for Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador’s headshot can make or break the chance of landing an event gig.

Event staffing agencies look for brand ambassadors who can represent clients in a professional and personable manner. Being able to assess a person’s real-life presence is often relegated to a headshot. Due to the nature of how a brand ambassador’s headshot is viewed, there is no need to overcomplicate the process of photography. Following these basic guidelines will help simplify the regular task of updating your professional portrait.

Headshot Basics

1. No selfies

At an event we kind of love a selfie shot! But, as a headshot, a selfie comes across as unprofessional.

2. Recent updates

Update your headshot and resume every 6 months so agencies have a realistic understanding of your current style and look.

3. Keep it real

Be as natural as possible. Wear your hair and makeup naturally to stay true to who you are and look the way would when you show up to an event. A little retouching and/or filters are OK, but don’t overdo it – we want to see the real you!

4. Smile and make eye contact

Showing off your best smile and making eye contact with the camera is a fantastic way to present warmth and a human connection.

5. Get some help

There is no need to hire a professional photographer for your brand ambassador headshot. If possible, have another person take your headshot using a DSLR or point and shoot camera. If this is not possible cell phone photos and/or self-portraits are acceptable.

6. Have fun!

Even if you are camera shy, channel the fun aspect of your brand ambassador work. Treat the camera as if it were a consumer onsite. This is your chance to shine!

Technical Suggestions

  • Framing – a ¾ length portrait (framed from the waist up) is ideal because it allows for some more dynamic posing.
  • Composition – the camera should be roughly eye level with the subject.
  • Backdrop – the background should be somewhat neutral in color and texture so you, as the subject, stands out.
  • Lighting – if shooting indoors, use as much natural window light as possible. If outdoors, try to shoot on an overcast day for the best lighting. If the sun is out, be aware of and avoid harsh shadows. You can always use the flash to increase contrast.
  • Final image requirements – shoot at the highest resolution and use the largest file size settings available for your device.

Creative Suggestions

  • Attire – we encourage that you express your personality through your personal tastes. The resulting photos will be more casual and less corporate.
  • Posing – standing will allow for natural movement. We also recommend taking a higher volume of photos (20+ ) will result in a more relaxed headshot.
  • Expression – exhibit the friendly and engaging side of your personality through facial expressions and posing.
If you don’t have access to a photographer, check out this article for some extra headshot tips.