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Brand Ambassador Burnout: 18 Tips to Avoid It

There is no question about it, experiential marketing events are BACK and our team are as busy as ever. Long hours on your feet, little sleep and interacting with consumers all the livelong day can take a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing. Now more than ever taking care of oneself is crucial to staying healthy and happy.

Snapping up jobs when you can get them is almost required in this industry, but in doing so brand ambassador burnout will sneak up on you in a way that makes life more stressful than it needs to be.

Psychology Today cites burnout as a state of chronic stress that leads to:

  • Physical and emotional exhaustion
  • Cynicism and detachment
  • Feelings of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment

How to Avoid Brand Ambassador Burnout

Here are some simple, actionable tips to help you avoid brand ambassador burnout.

1.  Have a plan for your time but be flexible.

Mapping out your schedule can provide stability with the knowledge that moving things around is inevitable:

  • Write down the events you are booked for.
  • Clear your schedule for most weekends if you aren’t booked yet. Mentally this will prepare you for future bookings. Try to keep your weekends open when possible to ensure availability. Desperate staffing agencies will pay top dollar for short notice availability!
  • Schedule a half-day per month for professional maintenance – update your resume, photos, social media accounts, etc. and most importantly, your staffing agency talent profiles.
  • Block off days for you!  Set up field trips or days to relax with friends or family, downtime, travel or vacation. No matter how busy you get, having breaks set up in the future will keep you motivated, productive, and will give you something to look forward to.

2.  Handle your business

When you arrive home after an event, take care of event paperwork, recaps, etc. immediately. Yes, you will be exhausted but taking care of lingering tasks will help keep mind free (and paychecks coming in) during your downtime.

3.  Regularly review your perspective and adjust as needed

  • Give yourself a gentle reminder about your profession – your weekends will be booked during the busy season. If you are committed to earning as much as possible in the summer months practicing acceptance of your schedule will help you to stay present in your non-working life.
  • This too shall pass – look at a calendar and understand, the work will slow down and this time is an investment for future freedom. When you feel down, know that there is an end date to the busy season so take advantage of the work coming in.
  • Embrace the value of your work by finding aspects of your job that fulfill to you.  Interacting with people all day can open the door for connection with others. The point of experiential marketing is to create a positive experience for consumers. So, have fun at work! You may be exhausted but exchanging humor with your co-workers, watching families have a blast, soaking in beautiful weather, talking to people, and bringing smiles to people’s faces has inherent value to us as humans.

5. Go to bed early and take naps when able.

Getting enough sleep is a simple act that can make a world of difference in your overall wellbeing as a brand ambassador and human being.

6.  Outsource the basics and think in terms of efficiency.

It may be worth the few extra bucks to have groceries delivered so you don’t have to shop. Too busy to get to the gym? Free workouts or apps at home can get the job done. You can cut corners on time in many ways and this will free you up when you aren’t working. Leave a few mins early to fill up your gas tank on the way to an event rather than make a special trip out. Exchange carpool duties to events with other brand ambassadors to save on gas. By putting a little thought into it and you’ll discover many ways to gain back some time on basic tasks.

7.  Let some chores go.

Household chores can wait a tad longer than usual during the busy season. The laundry may pile up and dishes sit overnight, the rug may go un-vacuumed, but it’s not the end of the world. Get things done bit-by-bit, but know that it’s OK to shun some responsibility around the house.

8. Limit social media time.

This can be tough but the best way to gain free time is to cut down your phone scrolling. Set time limits on your phone that alert when you are going over your allotted time.

9.  Exercise when you can.

Since you are on your feet all day at work it can feel daunting to imagine doing MORE physical activity. Yoga, swimming, cycling, bodyweight training are all good options that introduce functional fitness into your day. A bit of exercise will help you have more energy overall, keeping you physically and mentally fit to handle your life. This doesn’t mean you need to dedicate an hour a day (unless you want to)  but even 15 mins a day to be active outside of work can have enormous benefits.

10.  Stay hydrated and fuel up.

Brand ambassadors burn a lot of calories on the job and get dehydrated easily. Always bring water with you and have healthy snacks on hand. Make sure you eat a full, well-balanced meal prior to a shift to keep your energy levels high and to avoid getting hangry.

11.  Relax.

Read, get a mani/pedi, watch television, take a bath – make time to relax in a way that recharges you. There is so much pressure to always be doing something, but taking some time to chill out can reset your mental state

12.  Maintain your mental wellness practices.

Be sure to take care of yourself mentally.  Stay on top of doctor’s appointments, therapy, meditation, journaling, yoga, support groups, etc. Do not skip appointments, classes or time that you require to stay mentally well.

14.  Ask for help.

Family and friends want to help and it’s OK to ask.  This can be anything from running an errand, walking the dog, or dropping off some food. When you have people in your life that are willing to help, take advantage of it.  You can return the favor in the off-season.

15.  Invest in comfortable shoes.

Because you spend the majority of your time as a brand ambassador on your feet, this is a no-brainer.  Don’t skimp on your shoes, you’ll thank me later.

16.  Socialize and have fun.

Whether it’s a quiet chat with your friend over coffee or a bumping dance club, carve out time to spend with your friends in ways that make you feel good and recharged.

17.  Explore a hobby.

This can be a great stress reliever and give you something to focus on.

18.  Know when you need a break.

If you are desperate to recharge, you need to drop as much as you can outside of work and do whatever makes you happy. For some it may be a  hike in the woods, for others, it may be lying around watching television.  Whatever it is, take care of yourself and take the time to recharge your batteries.

Being a brand ambassador is hard work, physically and mentally. Therefore, it’s crucial that you tend to your personal needs and your physical and mental wellbeing.  This will help you avoid feeling spent and make the busy season feel not-so-busy.

Article originally published in July 2019 and recently updated