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51 Instagram Feed Ideas to Make Your Brand Ambassador Profile Shine

More than ever, event staffing agencies and brands look to Instagram in search of brand ambassadors. If you are a brand ambassador (or strive to be one) and use Instagram for personal use, then setting up a separate Instagram profile tailored to your life as a brand ambassador is a great idea!  You can share your experiences, tips, skills, and other shareworthy content to become an influencer in this space.

51 Instagram Feed Ideas to Make Your Brand Ambassador Profile Shine

Regular posting on your feed is required to build a network and create a vibe that represents you as a professional. Here are some awesome content ideas to give your Instagram BA profile a boost!

  • Post a short time-lapse video of you getting ready and prepping for an event.
  • Give your followers a behind the scenes sneak-peek – this can be pre or post-event or a regular day for you.
  • Give a shoutout to products or brands that you use in your everyday life with a photograph and @mention.
  • Post a selfie pre or post-event in your branded apparel.
  • Share staged event photos if the client allows.  Ask a co-worker to snap a photo of you working the event (or pose after your shift).
  • Show off the activation footprint by taking a photo pre or post-event.
  • And, get a photo that features brand images, premium items, giveaways, and/or samples.
  • Definitely get a group photo at the end of the event with your team.
  • Showcase must-have, day-of-event brand ambassador items with a flat lay bag spill photo.
  • Share inspirational or funny quotes related to brand ambassador work.  You can find them online or create your own design using sites like Canva.
  • What does your workday look like?  Post your own “a day in the life of a brand ambassador” using Instagram Stories.
  • Offer career advice with a graphic design or as a caption to your headshot.
  • Post a photo of you engaging in your hobbies.
  • Share any new headshots or portfolio photos that you have.
  • Every few months, re-post really good event photos that you have already shared.
  • If there are local places that you personally enjoy or frequent, take some photos when you go and feature them on your IG feed.
  • Share photos of brands that you love and want to represent.
  • Feature and promote local attractions in your city or town.  Hit up the local tourist spots and bring a friend to take photos or set up a self-timer.
  • Share social media holidays.  Anything from actual holidays to national pizza day.
  • #TBT.  Throwback every Thursday by posting something from your past related to your current role as brand ambassador.
  • Repost other brand ambassador or promo model Instagrammers/influencers that you follow and admire and @mention them.
  • Share your BA tips and tricks with a fun photo and caption.
  • Show off your workspace at home while you send in reports or photos, or when you’re searching for new opportunities.
  • Regularly share a little bit about yourself, your work life and personal life.
  • Share a long story about being a brand ambassador with photos that best represent your story.
  • Share a positive testimonial (stay away from negative posts, they can come back to bite you) about a company you worked for and @mention them in it.
  • Thank your new followers with an @mention.  And always thank the agencies your represent.
  • Share content from industry experts.
  • Feature a story or short Q&A with a respected colleague.
  • Post a photo of your clock on your bedside table that shows your wake up or bedtime viewpoint before or after an event day.
  • Take pride in your milestones or any new roles by sharing them.  Example: “I just booked my first manager position!” or “I just worked my 10th event!”.
  • The branded shirt afterlife photo.  Here, you can share pics of yourself wearing branded shirts from events that you have worked in their new, “everyday” life.
  • Is it snowing at your event?  Or maybe flowers are in full bloom? Share event photos that show off the current season.
  • Share any other jobs or volunteer work you do.  Still in school?  Talk about that, too.
  • Show your self -care routines that help you maintain your work/life balance.
  • Give a shout out to your favorite place to have fun or relax before or after work.
  • Do you have any new interests or hidden talents?  Talk about it!
  • Share three things you are grateful for in your work life.
  • If you buy something new that other brand ambassadors would benefit from, spread the news!
  • Let your followers see your work outfit for the day.
  • Have a day off?  Share what you are doing.
  • Post tutorials of things that would be beneficial to brand ambassadors.  How to organize your resume, what to pack in your bag, non-perishable meals and snacks to get you through your day.
  • Traveling for work?  Share fun road trip pics on your way to or from an event.
  • Share your meals and food choices for the event day.
  • Showcase any helpful apps that you use as a brand ambassador.
  • Post a photo of your pets in a branded t-shirt or hat.
  • Is there a beautiful sunrise or sunset at your event?  Take a photo and share it!
  • Collaborate with a friend and have an impromptu photo shoot on an Instagrammable wall in your area.
  • Be real. Share the not so pretty parts of your job (just don’t bash your co-workers, the agency, or the brand).
  • Share time management and work-life balance tips.
  • Take in-action photos from your vantage point.  For example, your arm extended out handing someone a sample.  Of course, set this up in advance with the consumer or another brand ambassador.

Of course with all of these ideas, respect the brands and agencies you are representing.  Take photos before you are on the clock or afterward.  Some companies don’t allow photos at all so be mindful of what’s allowed and what isn’t.

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