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How to Make Extra Cash This Holiday Season

Earning additional income during the holiday season without fully committing to a part-time job is a common dilemma. How can you make extra money and maintain a flexible enough schedule to leave room for all that seasonal fun?  Holiday promotional events may be your answer!

There is always an uptick in promotions during the holiday season and brands are in need brand ambassadors. From retail events to holiday brand promotions to sporting events and more, chances are your local area is flush with experiential events during the holiday season.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is someone who represents a brand and promotes products or services to consumers through face-to-face interactions.  Typical brand ambassador responsibilities include interacting with consumers, distributing product samples or giveaways, and conveying key talking points about the product or service.  Great customer service skills are a must for brand ambassadors and they must be comfortable interacting and talking to the public.

What are the Benefits of Holiday Event Work?

  • Holiday event jobs are temporary so the commitment level is low.
  • Flexible scheduling – events take place every day of the week; morning, day, and night which gives you the flexibility to fit in extra hours around your normal schedule.
  • Pay rates range from $20.00/hr up to $30.00/hr (sometimes higher).
  • Direct experience is typically not required.
  • The jobs are plentiful and the brands well-known all of which can be added to your resume.
  • Promotional events are fun!

The Top 5 Holiday Event Job Resources

Targeting the right online resources will open up a world of holiday event job opportunities.

1.  Staffing Agency Job Boards

ATN, as well as many other event staffing agencies, have online job boards that may be tough to track down on Google. A search of  “event staffing agencies” will give a list of the top agencies and from there you can explore each website and bookmark each job board.

2.  Brand Ambassador Facebook Groups

Brand ambassador Facebook groups are surprisingly active with job postings. There are a handful of local brand ambassador job groups for each market. Simply type in “your location” + “brand ambassador” and you find a number of regional job groups. Join each group and make sure you choose “follow” in the settings so you will receive an alert when a posting is made. Often times job postings in these groups are for events that are in dire need of staff so your chances of landing a job are pretty great!

3.  All Other Social Platforms

Event staffing companies are using Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn more and more to post jobs, so be sure to follow agencies on social media platforms to stay in the know.

4.  Connect with Agency Recruiters

Oftentimes, the agency’s recruiter is responsible for posting event opportunities on social media platforms.  Connect with them personally on LinkedIn in addition to following agencies.

5.  General Classified Sites

Check out general job posting sites like Craigslist and Indeed.  A quick search for “brand ambassador jobs” on Google will lead you to even more classified ad sites.

Insider Tips

Be proactive. Create a talent profile with every agency you are interested in working for and keep your profile current by updating it often.  Regularly search for event opportunities and check the resources listed above.

Be professional.  From the application to communicating with the agency to your work ethic, be professional and courteous.

Be patient.  If you apply for a job and are not selected, don’t give up.  It doesn’t mean you won’t get future work with the agency.  Event staffing agencies are always in need of quality team members and each event has its own set of requirements set forth by the client.  There will always be plenty of future event opportunities for you.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Events are a great way to try out different types of jobs.  Apply to anything that you are interested in – costume characters, product demonstrations, street teams, ETC.

Don’t be too selective.  While some events may seem less appealing, they can be a great way for you to get your foot in the door with an agency.  And if you impress the agency with your work ethic, it’s likely you’ll be remembered and they will offer you future (and sometimes exclusive) opportunities. The more work you book, the more doors you open.

Network, network, network.  When you work an event, get to know the people you are working with.  From the other brand ambassadors to the event manager to the on-site client contact.  You never know what a little networking will lead to.


Holiday event jobs are a lot of fun and the flexibility that they offer is great this time of year.  The best part is, if you like working as a brand ambassador during the holiday season, don’t stop!  You can extend that extra cash flow through the rest of the year!

ATN Event Staffing is currently adding to our roster for the holiday season.  Click here to learn more about our holiday event jobs.


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Article originally published in November 2018 and recently updated