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How to Create the Best Brand Ambassador Profile

No matter the industry, job hunting can be overwhelming. Fortunately for those who work or are interested in working in the experiential and event marketing industry, creating a brand ambassador profile with event staffing agencies tends to be pretty standard across the board.

However, merely setting up a profile won’t guarantee that you will book jobs. Investing time in pulling together all things “you” will get you more event opportunities, steady employment, and helps to build your professional reputation.

Start With the Basics

While the experiential and event marketing industry is relatively small, it’s competitive.  Since most booking occurs virtually through the brand ambassador profile, your digital imprint is the first step to making yourself a desirable candidate.

  • Before you begin creating profiles, take the time to update and gather all your professional materials including your resume, cover letter, bio, and profile photos.
  • Be sure to review your resume and information for any typos.  Make sure that your information is current and up-to-date.
  • Search and then bookmark any brand ambassador companies that you are interested in.
  • Go back to each site and review all registration information before creating a profile to ensure that you meet all requirements and that you have all credentials needed for that particular agency.

Creating and Maintaining Your Brand Ambassador Profile

1. Name

For payroll and identification purposes, you will always use your full legal name to set up your profile (if you have a stage name or nickname you can add this to your bio).

2.  Experience and Skills

When it comes to your brand ambassador experience and skills, use targeted keywords on your resume and in the experience section of your profile application.  While it may seem redundant to upload a resume AND fill out an application, it’s important that you do both.  Brand ambassador companies typically search their database using keywords and requirements based on the client’s needs. These keywords and categories are searchable within the designated field of the talent profile, not via a resume. Resumes are then viewed only after a talent profile match is found.  Keywords could include brands and agencies you have represented, roles and positions, and the types of campaigns or programs you have worked on (lead generation, street teams, trade shows, etc.).

3.  Physical Attributes

Physical attributes (height, weight, size) are considered for a variety of reasons including uniform sizing, costume requirements, and specialty campaigns to name a few.  A profile that includes all of this information will appear in a search when needed.  For example, a client needs a costume character who is between 5’6 and 5’11 in Dallas, TX.  A brand ambassador company can plug those filters into their database and perform a search that provides profiles of people that meet those requirements only.  So be sure to fill out the attribute section accurately to ensure that you don’t miss out on any booking announcements and to make sure the company provides you with the right uniform size.

4.  Photos

Upload at least 2 profile photos, a headshot, and ¾ or full body shot.  And no, you don’t need to have an expert photographer take your photos, hire a makeup artist or do anything else over the top. It’s very simple, you need to smile and be yourself. Grab a friend, put on some nice clothes and do a fun photo shoot. Get some good shots of your face (smiling), a full body shot, a partial body shot, and whatever else you think will look nice. Don’t forget to smile! Agencies want to see people who radiate a happy and fun-loving vibe. Scantily clad portraits or selfies are a big no-no.

5. Social Media Profiles

Typically, you are not required to include your social media profile links during the registration process, but it adds a nice touch if agencies can see if you are professionally active on your social networks. Consider creating separate social media profiles to showcase the campaigns that you have worked on and share approved photos, posts, and hashtags of the campaigns you have been a part of.   Because experiential marketing and influencer marketing often cross paths,  building a solid social presence is a bonus for your brand ambassador career.

6.  Keep it Current

Be sure to update your profile with each agency every 3 months.  Why is this important?  Because you can rack up a lot of experience in a 3-month time frame!  And agencies are always seeking experienced brand ambassadors and select skill sets, you’ll want to keep everything current.

The Final Word

Agencies expect brand ambassadors to bring positivity and energy to experiential and event marketing campaigns.  Emphasizing that energy through your brand ambassador profile is the key to getting noticed.

The more detailed your profile is, the more likely it will come up in an agency search.  So be thorough and include the key information that we have discussed.

ATN Event Staffing is always seeking fresh faces to join our team.  Since 2002, we have provided brand ambassadors, promotional models, and promotional staff for thousands of live marketing events.  If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador with ATN, please click below.  Happy promoting!

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