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Why You Should Update Your Brand Ambassador Profile Often

As technology advances, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are becoming more sophisticated, too. Most event staffing agencies use databases and software platforms with some type of ATS integration to manage their hiring processes. An ATS can help staffing managers narrow down candidates based on skills, experience, and attributes. That said, keeping your brand ambassador profile up-to-date with your current resume, work history, and recent photos is crucial to stand out among other candidates and to increase your chances of being booked.


Why is it important that I update my brand ambassador profile often?

Because this line of work allows you to quickly build on your skills and experience with each event or activation you work on, it’s important that you update your profile often so that your brand ambassador resume and work history reflect your recent work.

It’s also important to log in and update your profile since most staff management and ATS platforms track recent activity. This demonstrates to the staffing manager that you are an active user and interested in working for the agency.

How often should I update my profile?

We recommend you update your agency profiles every three months or so.

If my information is already on my resume, should I also include it on my profile?

Although it may seem redundant, adding your experience and skills to your profile will increase the chances of your profile being seen when the staffing manager performs a keyword search in the ATS. Some examples of keywords that are used often include brand names, agencies/clients, specialty skills and activities, and languages spoken. It’s also a good idea to have a brief summary of your relevant experience to help market yourself as a qualified candidate.

What should I include on my profile if I have little or no brand ambassador experience?

The main thing that staffing agencies look for are candidates who can interact and engage with consumers. If you don’t have any experience working as a brand ambassador, that’s OK. Many jobs and activities give you experience that aligns with brand ambassador work, including customer-facing experience, volunteer work, clubs or organizations that you are active in, ETC. Be sure to include any relevant experience on your profile.

Do I need to include a photo, and does it have to be taken by a professional?

We recommend including at least three photos on your profile, but they do not have to be professional headshots. In your role as a brand ambassador, you’re essentially the brand’s spokesperson. It’s your job to represent the brand and serve as the face and voice of it. With that said, it’s important to include current, high-quality photos. While they do not have to be formal photos, they should demonstrate professionalism with a polished appearance, a well-lit and appropriate background (avoid selfies in the car), a clear image, and a friendly smile. Including photos that meet these requirements can boost your chances of being booked.

Tip: avoid heavy filters, selfies, and group photos

What’s the best way to track and organize my information for updating?

  • Create a bookmark folder with links to each event staffing agency’s login page. When it’s time to update, you can quickly access your profile.
  • Set a reminder on your calendar to update your profile every three months. 
  • Keep track of the events you work on and note the brand, agency, event, dates, and your role. You can keep track of this with a phone note, a spreadsheet, on paper, or whatever method works for you.
  • Create an album folder on your phone and add any potential profile photos to that album. This will give you options to work with and reduce the time spent searching through your photo library looking for updated photos.

How can I update my ATN Talent Profile?

Login to your ATN profile to review and update your talent profile anytime!

The Takeaway

A current, well-rounded, and active profile is the best way to get noticed and booked for the brand ambassador gigs you want!

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