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Why Brand Ambassadors Need a Video Bio and Tips for Creating One

If you’re a brand ambassador, adding a video bio to your agency profiles will help get you noticed and possibly land you more jobs. Since most event staffing agencies do not conduct in-person interviews, adding a video bio to your profile gives agency reps a realistic glimpse of who you are. A video bio also allows you to showcase your personality and experience!

Video Bios:  The Basics

What is a brand ambassador video bio?

A video bio is a powerful branding tool that you can use to speak directly to a staffing agency.  Think of it as a scaled-down resume (on camera, of course) that allows you to summarize your skills and experience.  Once complete, the video can then be added to your staffing agency profiles or sent directly to agency reps upon request.

Why do I need one?

A video bio is a good way to showcase your skills, but more importantly, it’s a great way to showcase your personality.  Communicating and being enthusiastic are the top two things that agencies look for in a brand ambassador, and there’s no better way to show that off than creating a video bio.

How long should the video bio be?

Thirty to ninety seconds in length.  Not too short, but not too long.

What should I talk about?

Consider the question you hear most often during an interview: “could you tell me more about yourself?” When filming your video, create an answer to that question.  Agency reps want to know about your experience as a brand ambassador, your customer-facing experience, skills, why they should hire you, and what makes you a standout candidate.  This is no time to be humble or shy, this is the time to brag on yourself, your experience, and unique skills.

Sample Script: 

Provide a brief introduction that includes a concise summary (similar to your brand ambassador resume) of who you are and the experience that you have.

  • State your first and last name
  • Note the locations you are available to work
  • Briefly summarize your professional and personal background
  • Share one key accomplishment, skill, and/or the type of experience you have. If you do not have direct brand ambassador experience you can state this and follow up with any customer-facing experience that you have that translates well to brand ambassador work.
  • Share more about yourself and what qualities make you a fantastic brand ambassador

Tips for Creating a Standout Video Bio

Showcase Your Personality

Although your intro video should be professional, let your personality shine through. Be authentic and try to act as natural as possible.


Since you are pitching yourself as the perfect brand ambassador for the job, be sure to show off your awesome smile!

Consider Your Surroundings 

Record your video in a well-lit, clean, and uncluttered space.

Dress for Success

Dress and style yourself just like you are meeting an interviewer face-to-face. Keep your appearance clean, tidy, and professional. Neutral-colors work well on camera and shy away from heavy accessories and/or makeup.

Create a Loose Script

You do not have to create an award-winning script, but jotting down a few notes will help you determine what to focus on. Do your best to be natural and avoid reading directly from your script on camera.

Speak Clearly and Slow Down

When speaking on camera, make sure that you speak clearly and do not rush through your video. Nerves can make people talk faster than usual, and if you are already a fast talker, then you will speed through it too quickly.

Practice Makes Perfect

You may record a great video on the first try, but it’s best to have multiple takes to choose from. The more you speak on camera, the more natural it will sound. Set aside some time to practice on camera so you can review and make adjustments accordingly. Before you submit anything, make sure that you are 100% happy with your video. It may take several attempts to get exactly what you want.

Quality Over Quantity

Your video bio should be about making a great first impression. Hone in on your achievements and top skills and curb rambling tangents. Focus on the important details and leave out the not-so-important ones. Use this chance to show that you are well-spoken, friendly, and engaging – all the traits that an agency or brand looks for in a brand ambassador.

Highlight Any Specialized Skills

Brand ambassador jobs are as wildly versatile as the brands being promoted. Sharing what you are passionate about – hobbies, causes, sports, the arts, etc. – is a great way to express your personality, and it could land you a role for a product, service, or cause that you love!


This is your chance to make an amazing first impression.  Be authentic, natural, and let your true self shine through!

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