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Marketers will continue to rise to the challenge of staying current with the near-constant wave of tech innovations and breakthroughs. And while the latest disruptor and biggest topic of discussion at this point in the year is Generative AI, Lensa, and ChatGPT, it’s only a matter of time before brands figure out how to harness this technology to create enhanced brand experiences for consumers. Below, we look at where experiential marketing tech is heading in the not-so-distant future. 

The Future of Experiential Marketing Tech: 3 Trends to Watch

Choose Your Own Adventures With AI 

To date, brands have emphasized creating experiential “moments” for their audiences. Whether it’s a branded environment, selfie spot, or immersive experience, users engage, take a picture and share it on social media, which benefits brands in many ways. With the rise of Augmented Reality and, soon, Generative AI, brands are poised to create tailor-made experiences to fit the whims of each consumer in the moment – and make the experience much more intuitive and interactive in the process. But while digital tech may be doing the heavy lifting, it will be essential to have people on-site to lead the way.

Together Into the Metaverse

The hype surrounding the Metaverse as a marketing channel should come as no surprise. Brands can create immersive experiences virtually, and brand users across the globe can participate whenever and however they choose. But still, the Metaverse is not accessible to all, and many brands will have consumers who are not early adopters. For brands that are investing in the Metaverse, experiential activations will be a gateway to get more consumers there. But, because the Metaverse seems like such a futuristic concept for many, brands will need to utilize brand ambassadors to introduce the experience, facilitate the connection, and show users the ropes.

Innovative, Simple, and Sustainable

According to CNET, most of this year’s CES exhibitors emphasized sustainability while introducing new tech. As consumer electronic brands continue to prioritize their products’ overall impact, their consumers will come to expect this practice in all aspects of their business – including marketing. Brands will use new smart tech and sustainable innovations to reduce the footprint of their efforts. Or some will find sustainability in the creativity of a simple idea, much like Dunkin’ did in 2018 when they built a tiny house partially fueled by coffee grounds.  

Experiential tech trends will likely follow the Web3 technologies that have already begun to influence new marketing strategies. How consumers adopt these innovations will tell brands how to best leverage them and vice versa. And while everyone is thinking of digital-first strategies, brands that successfully integrate a “mixed-reality” approach will have many viable options to take further into the future.

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