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If you’re looking for a way to launch a new product successfully, a trade show may be your answer. The exposure and networking opportunities trade shows provide can help companies generate buzz, create excitement, and accelerate visibility for new products. In this week’s Happy Hour, we look at how brands can effectively use trade shows for product launches. We also discuss the importance of customer-centric marketing and feature six guerrilla marketing tactics to try.

Tips for a Successful Trade Show Product Launch

“Trade shows are very effective ways to present your product because it allows you to connect directly with your target audience and gain some publicity at the same time.” ~ Expo Marketing

Trade Show Product Launch

Trade shows are one of the best marketing strategies for new product launches. With a captive audience and potential customers under one roof, companies can gain exposure for new products, engage with attendees, and receive valuable feedback from prospects. Not only that but allowing attendees to experience a product in-person and hands-on helps form connections that resonate. While trade shows are incredibly effective, there are a few things to consider before you launch. In this article, Expo Marketing delivers tips and considerations to ensure your product launch is a success.

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy by Prioritizing the Customer Experience 

“Seven out of ten consumers say the experience they have is their deciding factor in completing a purchase.” ~ Factory 360

The Importantance of Customer-Centric Marketing

Building strong customer relationships is pivotal in marketing, and it starts with the customer experience. When consumers have a positive experience across all touchpoints from start to finish, it builds the foundation for connection, trust, and loyalty. And in today’s competitive and sometimes saturated marketplace, a seamless and positive journey is incredibly important to set yourself apart from the competition. Read on for tips on creating an experience that puts customers at the center of your marketing strategy.

6 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics to Try

“By its very nature, guerrilla marketing examples are unusual, creative or “off the wall” and can go a long way to boost brand awareness, increase exposure and foster loyalty.” ~Eventeem

guerrilla marketing staffing

Guerrilla marketing offers brands a non-traditional approach to promoting products and services. The strategy uses surprise and delight tactics, like street team and ambush marketing, that target consumers where they work, live, and play. By cutting through the noise of traditional and digital advertising with highly creative tactics that stop people in their tracks, brands can create aha moments that stick with consumers. Here, we take a look at six guerrilla marketing tactics that will generate word-of-mouth buzz and give your audience an experience they’ll remember.

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