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Unlike some event staffing agencies that hire independent contractors to work their events, ATN only employs W-2 variable hour employees. This arrangement benefits both our partners and our talent, mitigating risks that could lead to liabilities or other penalties. By shifting to this model from the industry standard, we’ve become an even better partner to the brands and marketing agencies we work with.

Why the W-2 hiring model matters.

  • Eliminate the risk of employee misclassification. If the IRS determines an independent contractor should have been classified as a W-2 employee, your company, along with the staffing agency, could face severe consequences, like paying all back taxes, penalties, interest, unemployment fines, and more. Working with a W-2-compliant staffing company eliminates this risk entirely.
  • No co-employment liability. According to employment law, companies who partner with event staffing firms may be as responsible for tax liability and other claims as the event staffing agency itself. In the case of employee misclassification, the impact of co-employment can be substantial, leaving brands and companies owing hefty fees and fines.
  • Better supported talent. We focus on hiring the best staff for every possible event and situation. By employing our talent as W-2 employees, we aim to foster a sense of stability and loyalty among our employees and to give them the support they need throughout an event.

Choosing a W-2-compliant event staffing agency is one of the most important, yet undervalued decisions you can make. We understand the importance of protecting our partners from undue risks, as well as supporting our talented staff. That’s why we are so proud to have created a family of W-2 employed talent.


I utilized ATN Staffing in October 2017 at an employee appreciation event held at Universal Studios Hollywood.  This was our first event to utilize ATN and our expectations were beyond exceeded, in fact we have utilized ATN for several other events since.  There are a few things that set them apart from other agencies but the thing we value the most is providing Team Leads.  My own team is so busy managing every other aspect of our event, not having to manage event staff has allowed us to make our events run so much better.  The staff provided are helpful, happy to be there, and work as hard as if they were employees of our company as well.

— Cassidy P.