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Preparing for bad weather is a must when planning an outdoor marketing event.  Even when conditions, locations and time of year are working in your favor, there’s still a chance bad weather can uninvitedly turn up and ruin months of planning and massive amounts of your budget.

5 Tips to Weatherproof Your Marketing Event

Unfortunately, you can’t always escape bad weather at an outdoor event, but you can plan for it. Here are five golden rules to prepare for an all-weather event to ensure your marketing events are a success come rain or shine:

1. Have a backup plan 

If your marketing activities are sunshine permitting, it’s worth having an alternative indoor option if severe weather is in the forecast.  Of course, that is not always a viable choice for every company, so have a plan in place to cover your bases if you have to delay, reschedule or cancel your event.

2. Think event structure to weatherproof

The best way to protect your marketing event against unforeseen conditions is by finding the perfect structure for your event. A strong structure, such as an event shipping container, prevents wind and water from causing damage while also supplying power for heating or air conditioning. Whatever event structure you choose, it must be properly anchored and secured.

weatherproof your marketing events


3.  Accommodate all attendees

Whatever the weather, your marketing event should accommodate all visitors. For example, attendees will appreciate both shaded and unshaded seating on a beautiful summer day and shelter during a rainstorm.  Providing shelter may increase your event budget, but you will be able to accommodate all attendees.  And as a result, you’ll be able to keep attendees engaged which will help maximize your results.

weatherproof your event

4.  Prepare the team

All event staff must be on board with your backup plan and be motivated and empowered to keep the event running smoothly.  If bad weather is probable, each person should be assigned a task prior to the event to ensure your equipment and materials are protected.

Providing umbrellas and raincoats during wet conditions, warm hoodies and heaters during colder conditions, and sun hats and water bottles during warmer conditions is a good incentive and will keep your staff happy.

weatherproof your marketing event

5.  Follow safety protocols

As with all events, it’s important that you have safety protocols in place to protect attendees from dangerous weather conditions.  If severe weather is threatening, make sure your staff knows what to do and how to direct attendees to safety.

If you have a backup plan in place, a strong event structure and empowered employees, bad weather doesn’t have to ruin your event. The Events Structure offers a range of event structures from event shipping containers to promotional vehicles that will accommodate marketing events in all weather conditions.

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