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In the 1970s, the average person saw between 500 and 1600 ads per day. Fast forward to today, and that number ranges between a whopping 6,000 and 10,000 ads per day. From social media to streaming services to traditional advertising like print, radio, and tv, the current marketplace is saturated, noisy, and frequently ignored. Today’s consumers prefer personalized experiences that really resonate with them, and brands need to tailor their marketing efforts to meet those needs.

Why Personalization Matters in Marketing

Personalization Builds Meaningful Connections

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With the bombardment of countless advertisements each day, it’s crucial for brands to rise above the noise and stand out among competitors. By taking the time to understand your target consumers and their preferences, you can tailor your marketing efforts to create meaningful and memorable interactions that make an impact and build lasting connections.

It Creates a Sense of Belonging

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that people are social beings. We crave belonging and connectivity. When brands work to foster community among their target audience, they are more likely to see a loyal following that often results in word-of-mouth recommendations, increased sales, and repeat purchases. By delivering authentic and inclusive experiences that align with people’s preferences and values, brands can grow communities built on trust, respect, and loyalty.

It Sparks Social Engagement

Personalization has a huge impact on social engagement. Coca-Cola’s groundbreaking Share-a-Coke campaign is a prime example of this. Coke took its everyday product and turned it into a shareable moment with a multi-channel campaign that included brand activations, a social media campaign, and traditional tactics. According to this article, more than 500,000 photos were shared using #ShareaCoke, 6 million virtual Coke bottles were created and shared, and Coca-Cola gained 25 million followers on Facebook from the initial campaign – all by offering something as simple as customized Coke cans.

How Experiential Marketing Can Help You Deliver Personalized Experiences

Unlike traditional marketing strategies that focus solely on promoting a product by conveying information, experiential marketing aims to deliver an engaging and immersive experience that resonates with consumers on a personal level. By getting your brand in front of consumers in a face-to-face environment, you can tailor your messaging to suit your target audience, offer unique experiences that they can participate in, and open the door for two-way conversations via your brand ambassadors. These interactions make consumers feel wanted, valued, heard, and, most importantly, connected.

ATN Event Staffing specializes in providing top-tier staff for experiential and event marketing campaigns. With over two decades of experience, ATN understands what it takes and, more importantly, who it takes to make your campaign successful. Contact us to learn more about our event staffing services!


Our events have gone great and the ATN teams have been fantastic. The lead brand ambassador you hired for our program is truly amazing, and we could not have pulled off this activation without her.

— Madison H.

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