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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 12.21.18

If you are looking to build your brand or maybe just give it a boost, a brand activation is a perfect way to do that.  Brand activations reach consumers where they work, live, and play giving you the prime opportunity to connect with your target consumer.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we explore brand activation ideas that will give you inspiration for your next campaign.  We also look at ways to make your experiential marketing projects completely scalable, allowing you to get maximum results.

20 Inspirational Brand Activation Ideas for Your Next Campaign

brand activation ideasBrand activations offer companies the opportunity to reach consumers, raise awareness, and spread brand messaging through face-to-face marketing. All of which play a critical role in today’s noisy world filled with in-your-face ads.  Brand activations can be executed in many different fashions, from experiential events to product samplings to in-store demonstrations.  Yet, all brand activation strategies have one common goal – to better connect with target consumers.  Here, Bizzabo brings us twenty brand activation ideas that will help you reach that coveted goal.

Why Scalability is Important in Experiential Marketing

In experiential marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, which makes the strategy effective for any company, goal or budget.  And since brand experiences come in all shapes and sizes, you can go big or small and spend a lot or a little; it’s all based on your needs, wants, and campaign goals.  One thing to keep in mind in the early planning stages is scalability.  This allows you to make changes during your project without returning to the drawing board.  Take the time to evaluate your project and how to take it up a notch or bring it down if needed.  Maybe that means a larger footprint or adding more events, or maybe you need to cut something that’s not driving results.  Whatever it is, it’s easier to have a game plan in place before your first activation.  In this article, dioUSA shows us ten ways to make your campaign completely scalable.

Experiential Marketing Trend:  Tiny House Activations

Tiny Houses in Experiential MarketingTiny houses are all the rage.  From reality TV to a way of life for some, the tiny house craze has caught on.  Like other cultural trends, experiential marketers have taken the idea and turned it into an effective marketing strategy.  Take the tiny house, brand it, fill it full of goodness, and take it wherever you go—genius, right?!  For starters, they are easy to build, easy to transport, and they are sure to make an impression.  From mobile marketing tours to sampling campaigns to awareness campaigns, there’s nothing stopping the tiny house movement.  Check out these 4 brands who made an impact with their tiny-house brand activations.

Thanks for joining us for this week’s Happy Hour.  We’ll be spending time with family and friends next week, so we’ll meet up for Happy Hour in the new year!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at ATN Event Staffing.

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