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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 

Bringing you some of the latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Trade shows provide an excellent platform for introducing new products to a targeted audience and can significantly impact your product launch strategy. Leveraging trade shows for launches has so many benefits and can help get your brand noticed by the people who matter the most, including potential partners and consumers.

In this Happy Hour roundup, we explore the advantages of launching a product at a trade show. We also deliver insights on how to make the most of your summer experiential marketing campaigns. Lastly, we feature a few tips on how to build event experiences that enable you to measure the intangible aspects of a live event, such as networking and engagement.

5 Advantages of Leveraging Trade Shows for Product Launches

Trade Show Product Launch

Launching a new product at a trade show is a strategic way to boost a brand’s visibility, reach more customers, and create meaningful connections. Trade shows offer a unique opportunity to introduce innovative ideas, create awareness, and connect with attendees face-to-face, which not only increases interest in your brand but also leads to potential sales after the trade show is over. From strengthening brand perception to gathering real-time feedback, here are five advantages of launching a new product at a trade show.

Elevating Your Summer Experiential Marketing Events for Maximum Impact

Experiential Marketing Staffing Agency

Summer is the perfect time to increase brand recognition through experiential marketing campaigns. With the warmer weather, kids out of school, and numerous events happening, there are endless opportunities for brands to take advantage of. Whether it’s hosting a pop-up activation at a community festival or creating a family-friendly experience that appeals to both adults and children, this article provides valuable insights on maximizing the impact of your summer campaigns.

Measuring the Unmeasurable – How to Track Networking ROI at In-Person Events

Event Networking ROI

Measuring event ROI can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to measuring intangible benefits like networking or engagement. While tangible KPIs like leads generated or sales made are easy to measure, the intangible benefits like creating awareness or building relationships are not as cut and dry. In this article, Stova delivers tips on how to build experiences that will allow you to track and measure networking ROI. 

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