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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Providing consumers with a fun and memorable experience is what experiential marketing is all about.  And, with 91% of consumers stating that they have more positive feelings about a brand after an event or experience, it’s also highly effective.  In the age of COVID, brand marketers are relying on some tried and true tactics to reach audiences on a local level. In this Happy Hour round-up, we look at how brands are using pop-up experiences and mobile marketing tours to safely connect with consumers, and we feature some of the top trends in experiential marketing.

How Brands are Leveraging Pop-Up Experiences to Connect with Consumers 

“With the right health and safety protocols in place, pop-up and Instagram-worthy types of activations speak to what so many of today’s younger generations are looking for, which is to be part of the experience instead of a passive viewer.” ~Dyan Cornacchio, Sparks

Pop-Up Event Staffing

Pop-up events have been a popular experiential marketing strategy since their inception. They allow brands and retailers to connect with consumers in unique, engaging, and intimate environments. Over the past few months, pop-up experiences seem to be popping up more and more as people desperately seek interaction and experiences in safe environments. In this article, Sparks outlines the benefits of pop-up events and why brands should strongly consider this tactic in the age of COVID.

5 Experiential Trends That Brands Shouldn’t Ignore 

“As live events ramp up once more, experiential marketing is primed to return to the spotlight.” ~The Drum

5 experiential marketing trends

Photo: teamLab

Live events are back, and experiential marketing is once again getting the attention it deserves. As somewhat everyday life resumes, people are taking full advantage of getting back out into the world and doing the things they love, giving brands a prime opportunity to reach their target audience. But understanding what today’s consumers want and expect is crucial to choosing the right experiential marketing strategy. From out-of-home experiential to immersive entertainment, let’s look at a few trends that are currently shaping the experiential marketing landscape.

Mobile Marketing Tour Ideas That Will Get Your Creative Wheels Turning

“By meeting people where they are and delivering smaller experiences with fewer attendees, brands are relieving consumers’ pandemic-related pain points and reaching a variety of markets at the same time.” ~Kait Shea, Event Marketer

mobile marketing tour inspiration

Photo: Backbone Media

Event Marketer deems 2021 as the year of mobile marketing tours. The strategy has been around for decades, and like pop-up experiences, they offer a safe brand experience in the age of COVID.  Delivering experiences to consumers where they work, live, and play allows brands to meet people exactly where they are and on their terms, which is important as people navigate the ongoing pandemic.  Here, Event Marketer brings us six brilliant examples of recent mobile marketing tours that will get your creative wheels turning.

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