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We know that live brand experiences are the best way for brands to engage with consumers on a personal level. Face-to-face marketing creates authentic interactions and moments that resonate.  But it’s the brand ambassadors representing the brand that make those moments possible. After all, they serve on the front lines of the experience, and they are the first point of contact that a consumer has with a brand. But, it doesn’t end with that first impression.  Brand ambassadors are also responsible for engaging with consumers, creating conversations, and conveying key messaging. For these reasons and many more, brands and marketers need to realize just how vital this role is, and how they can set their brand ambassadors up for success.

5 Tips to Help Your Brand Ambassadors Succeed

1. Thoroughly Train Them

Your brand ambassadors serve as the face and voice of your brand; therefore, they are an extension of your company. To maximize your experiential efforts and be successful, it’s important for your brand ambassadors to understand your offerings as well as your brand, your culture, and what you value. With that said, taking the time to thoroughly train your team is crucial. Well-trained brand ambassadors can authentically articulate your message, create conversations, and interact with your target consumers in a way that best represents your brand and what you stand for.

2. Communicate Expectations and Goals

Once you’ve planned your experiential marketing campaign, you most likely have a clear and concise idea of what you expect to gain from your activation. But keep in mind that no two activations or brands are alike, and it’s up to you to communicate your specific expectations and goals to your brand ambassador team. For example, a team that is focusing on the number of samples distributed is going to interact with consumers in a much different way than a team that is focusing on generating qualified leads. Take the time to communicate your goals so that your team maximizes their time and effort efficiently and effectively.

3. Allow Their Personalities to Shine

While your talking points should be on-point and clear, being too restrictive may have an impact on the way that your brand ambassadors convey your messaging.  Instead, allow them some wiggle room to converse freely and openly (with some guidelines of course) with consumers so that their personalities shine through and the excitement surrounding your brand is authentic.

4. Get Them Involved and Ask for Feedback

More times than not, brand ambassadors can offer great ideas and valuable feedback, but many experiential marketers fail to listen to their on-site teams. Taking the time to connect with your brand ambassadors daily can open your eyes to a myriad of challenges that may be occurring on-site, whether it’s logistical matters or something more technical. If you’re facing a roadblock, don’t hesitate to ask your on-site team for advice. They may have insights that you never thought of, and one simple adjustment could save the integrity of your campaign.

5. Motivate and Incentivize Them

Being a brand ambassador is both physically and emotionally demanding. They work long hours, stand for long periods of time, and they have to constantly be “on” to engage with consumers. Consequently, it’s easy for them to lose their momentum a few days into a campaign. To ensure that your team stays focused and on-task, consider the following:

  • Check-in often and see how they’re doing or if there are any areas for improvement.
  • Provide them with adequate breaks to recharge and reset.
  • If your activation is 8+ hours, consider providing water, snacks, and lunch for the team.
  • After the program, reward them for a job well done with an incentive such as a gift card or cash.

Your Brand Ambassadors’ Success Starts with You

By providing your brand ambassadors with the proper tools, and empowering them to do what they do best, you will reach your goals and reap the benefits of a highly successful campaign.

Hiring and managing brand ambassadors can be a complicated and arduous process, so why not leave it to the experts?  With an internal database of more than 370,000 brand ambassadors available across the nation, ATN can confidently handle all of your brand ambassador staffing needs. If you would like to chat with one of our event staffing gurus about your next activation, contact us today!


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