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When people walk away from a brand activation with positive impressions and feeling connected to the brand, that’s the ticket to brand loyalty and seeing real event ROI.  But how can brands achieve that?  It’s pretty straightforward, the activation and the experience itself has to be a memorable one, something that is so unique and makes such an impression that it is not easily forgotten.  Easier said than done, right?  To be memorable, brands have to focus on the big picture, not just the creative elements, not just the technology, but every single interaction and touchpoint that a consumer has with the product, service, or brand.

Tips for Creating a Memorable Brand Activation

Know Who You’re Targeting

When you know your audience, you will have a better understanding of the type of branding and messaging that is important to them. The possibilities here are endless and can include interests, demographics, cost, quality, sustainability, anything and everything that matters to them. That’s what will resonate with potential customers and will guide you in designing your brand activation.

Tell Your Story and Allow Your Story to be Told 

Storytelling is essential in the brand experience and for your brand activation.  Storytelling can be executed in many ways including AR and VR experiences, digital elements, and face-to-face interactions to name a few.  But the story shouldn’t end there.  Brands should always offer a way for consumers to become a part of the story by offering personalized experiences and encouraging them to share those experiences with their social networks. This will also open the door for marketers to extend the reach of their storytelling efforts to consumers not in attendance.

Engage the Senses

Sensory experiences contribute to powerful memory recall. Using a mixture of elements like music, visuals, textures, and movement produces something even greater and more memorable. Multi-sensory experiences and the way they unfold within an activation triggers an authentic emotional connection. You want to employ the senses to conjure up all the feel-good emotions that come with something enjoyable and create something positive that they will remember about your brand. 

Surprise and Delight

Surprises make people feel important.  Delighting them makes them feel loved. Surprising and delighting forms a strong bond between brands and consumers, bonds that last.  So how can brands pull this off?  Sometimes the brand activation alone is the surprise, examples include pop-up events and PR stunts.  But at an actual event or venue where there are many activations taking place, brands can incorporate interactive activities, games, or immersive elements to add to the element of surprise.  Delight consumers by providing them with unique offers like gift cards, discount offers, or useful swag items.


Listen to what consumers have to say. A two-way conversation makes for a more personalized experience. Not to mention, it gives you an opportunity to gain valuable feedback about the event itself, your product or service, likes and dislikes, and other essential information. When consumers feel like they matter to you, you in turn matter to them, creating loyalty and building a mutually beneficial relationship.

Humanize the Experience

You can’t pull off a memorable brand activation without authenticity. Authenticity and trust come from the people behind the brand, the face, and voice of your brand.  Your experiential event staff, brand ambassadors, or product specialists are the ones that will engage with and listen to attendees, convey your messaging, tell your story, and delight consumers with event elements. They are the final piece of the puzzle and tie everything that we have discussed together.  And because this factor is so critical to the activation’s success, you’ll want to make sure that those representing your brand are highly engaging, trained, and skilled.  The only surefire way to do this is by hiring an experienced event staffing company to handle your staffing and management needs.


Creating memorable brand experiences doesn’t have to be a difficult process. It just takes strategic planning, creativity, and collaboration.  When you focus on drawing people in, keeping them in, and sending them off with a variety of sensory experiences, you are on your way to creating unforgettable events and forging lasting relationships with your target consumers.

As we mentioned, humanizing the brand is what unites all of these activation elements together.  As the leader in experiential marketing staffing, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that our staff creates a positive, meaningful, and memorable experience for your target audience. 

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