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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Events and promotions have been a part of alcohol marketing strategies for decades. But just as experiential concepts have evolved to include more than just street teams and sampling programs, so have alcohol campaigns. In this week’s Happy Hour, we’ll look at how several spirits brands are creating buzz with multisensory experiences. We also feature articles that discuss the future of retail, and how experiential marketing nurtures brand communities.

Alcohol Brands Create Buzz With Multisensory Experiences 

“Bombay Sapphire, Johnnie Walker and Grey Goose are some of the marketers using the tactic [experiential marketing] to explore innovation in ways that are specific to their products.” ~Asa Hiken, Marketing Dive

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Like many other consumer brands, the adult beverage industry is highly competitive. With so many choices available, alcohol brands have relied on experiential marketing tactics for years to get their products in front of consumers. But a free beer and a koozie only go so far in this cluttered market, especially with younger generations. Instead, alcohol brands are creating buzz for their products with immersive, multisensory experiences. Here, Marketing Dive discusses how alcohol brands are using “next-gen” experiential marketing to connect with consumers.

Experiential is Transforming the Future of Retail

“In today’s business landscape, retail brands cannot succeed if they don’t take into consideration the customer buying experience.” ~Marcus Cook, Inc.

Experiential Retail Dicks Sporting Goods

Photo: Dick’s

Customers are the number one priority in any retail marketing strategy. However, a successful strategy goes beyond focusing solely on sales and instead, focuses on the customer’s overall experience. Retailers that provide an immersive and highly personalized experience make a lasting impression that helps drive sales, and more importantly, loyalty. And in today’s competitive retail marketplace, customer loyalty is everything. Here, we’ll look at how retailers are turning to experiential retail strategies to win over customers’ hearts and wallets.

Nurturing Brand Communities With Experiential Marketing 

“Community-driven marketing is increasingly valuable, and brands have the opportunity to utilize the power of brand communities to impact customer retention, improve engagement, create new leads, and even enhance credibility.” ~Madison Vettorino, Inspira

Photo: Pura Vida

When people feel like part of a community, they feel connected to others and whatever brings them together, be it sports, religion, or even a brand. Brand communities consist of people who buy your products religiously, and they rave about your brand to their family and friends, share your content, and so much more. But brand communities shouldn’t be one-sided. The brand itself should be actively involved in building, maintaining, and nurturing the community to keep loyal fans engaged and to help strengthen relationships. In this article, Inspira Marketing shares insights on how experiential marketing can help companies build and nurture brand communities.

Whether you’re looking for brand ambassadors for your holiday retail campaign or promotional models to represent your alcohol brand, ATN is here for you.  With almost two decades of event staffing experience, we have the knowledge and resources to set your event up for success!  Contact us for your experiential event staffing needs!


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