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The most influential tech event in the world took over Las Vegas January 5th-8th, attracting attendees from all over the world. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcases the latest, greatest, and sometimes weird technology that’s on the horizon. But it is also known for its awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping exhibits that deliver next-level brand experiences for attendees. In this edition of Happy Hour, we look at some of the best brand activations and exhibits from CES 2023. We also feature brand activation ideas and the top trade show trends to watch this year.

The Best Brand Activations and Exhibits from CES 2023

“The 55th edition of CES showcased new tech inventions, eye-catching activations, and flashy touchpoints that prove 2023 is going to be the most inspirational yet.” ~Shannon Thayler, Bizbash

Best Brand Activations CES 2023

Photo: Reddit

Living up to its pre-pandemic glory in its 55th year, CES welcomed more than 3,200 global exhibitors (up 1,000 from 2022) this year. Of course, all eyes were on the latest gadgets and tech trends for 2023, but the activations and experiences make CES one of the hottest trade shows around. Experiential marketers depend on CES to set the bar for the year, taking notes from exhibitors’ immersive and tech-driven experiences, designs, and strategies. From a whimsical Reddit activation to an immersive Canon/M. Knight Shaymalan experience, here is BizBash’s roundup of the best activations from CES 2023.

14 Brand Activation Ideas That Will Drive Brand Awareness 

“Brand activations provide better experiences for your fans and help sponsors to create more meaningful connections.” ~Eventbrite

Virtual Reality Brand Activation Ideas

If you’re looking to create awareness for your brand or company, you’ve got to deliver your message and showcase your products or services to the consumers that matter the most. But that’s easier said than done, especially if you focus solely on traditional or digital marketing tactics. But by incorporating brand activations into the marketing mix, you can expect to generate a ton of buzz for your brand and create memorable and meaningful impressions that stick with consumers (with the help of your brand ambassadors, of course). If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 14 brand activation ideas that will get your brand the attention it deserves.

The Top Trade Show Trends to Watch in 2023

“The general expectation among industry members is that 2023 will build on the industry’s performance in 2022 and bring continued recovery and growth, although we are also cognizant that a certain amount of uncertainty remains.” ~David DuBois (cited by Lisa Plummer Savas, TSNN)

Trade Show Trends 2023 Sustainability

Sustainable exhibits are one of the top trends expected in 2023. (Photo: Classic Exhibits)

While the trade show industry has faced many obstacles due to the pandemic, it experienced a remarkable recovery in 2022. And just as 2023 was shaping up to be a great year for the industry, now there is a possible recession to think about. For event professionals that experienced the 2008 economic downturn, this is concerning, to say the least. But, this time around, there is one big factor to consider – in-person events matter more than ever before. As a result, event marketing budgets are expected to remain the same or increase in 2023. In this article, five trade show industry leaders share their thoughts and predictions for what to expect in 2023.

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