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How to Book Brand Ambassador Jobs – 6 Simple Steps

brand ambassador jobsBelieve it or not, every week, there are brand ambassador jobs available. Unfortunately it can be needle-in-a-haystack difficult to locate and book these jobs. However, a few strategies can be extremely effective in regularly booking brand ambassador jobs.

Whether you are just starting out or have been working in this industry for years, follow these insider secrets, and watch the  jobs start pouring in!

Step 1- Sign Up!

First thing is first; you can’t get more brand ambassador jobs if you aren’t signed up with event staffing agencies. Event staffing agencies help find great people to work fun events for their clients.  Start by joining our team, it’s free and you’ll begin to hear about jobs when they are available near you. You can also google search other agencies to join, the more you staff profiles you set up the more work will be available to you.

But merely signing up doesn’t guarantee you’ll book jobs. 

Here are some ways to stand out-

Step 2- The importance of your profile

Just remember that ‘pro’ is part of the word profile for a reason.  When we are searching for people to work an event in your area, the first thing we look at is your profile. Without a good profile, you’ll never get booked. Take your time and do it right.

Step 3- Stand-out Profile Photos

You don’t need to have an expert photographer take your photos, hire a makeup artist or do anything else over the top. It’s very simple, you just need to smile and be yourself.

Grab a friend, put on some nice clothes and do a fun little photo shoot.  Get some good shots of just your face (smiling), a full body shot, a partial body shot and whatever else you think will look nice. Don’t forget to smile! We just want to see happy, fun looking people.

When we are looking for somebody to work an event, the first thing we notice is his or her picture. Why not be smiling back us and shouting through the screen ‘pick me!’?

Step 4 – Highlight your experience and personality

When creating a profile at any agency you’ll usually have a chance to write about yourself. Working brand ambassador jobs is really about being outgoing, friendly and helpful to people. Most people have worked some type of job that involves serving or helping other people out and sharing this lets agencies know you can talk to people.

Brand ambassador jobs are about representing a brand.  For example, if you have working ina restaurant you do have experience representing a brand. You talk about the restaurant, the menu, the food..it’s about educating your customers. Customer service is about helping people. Find a way to relate your experience to the brand ambassador role.

Step 5- Keep it current

Make sure your resume is easy to read and has no misspellings. Keep your resume and staff profiles updated every six months. This way agencies know you are looking to work and have been adding experience as you go.

Step 6- Go Above and Beyond

Here are a few ideas:

Send out a short video (30 seconds or less) and introduce yourself. We love to see and hear people. This will make you stand out and get more brand ambassador jobs. 

If you don’t have much experience take the first job you are offered and work hard, bring good energy, and have fun. After you get one gig under your belt the offers will roll in.

Another good idea is to follow up with your staffing agency contact or Account Manager after you work a job and say thanks.

Find Brand Ambassador jobs on facebook and linked in groups and join as many as you can. This way you’ll find out about more work.

Step 7- Keep your profile updated and network

Make sure you update your profile every 6 months. If your look changes, (new haircut?) take some new photos. Continue networking on social media and in real life.

When you land a job, show up early, wear the proper clothing, work hard and have fun.