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Brand Ambassador Staffing Agencies vs App Staffing: Comparing App(le)s to Oranges

We’ve all been in this situation before; with three grocery items in hand, you go to check out and find one register open and a line of people.  You scope out your surroundings, desperately searching for another open register to no avail.  But, the self-checkout register only has a couple of people line, so there’s your quick fix; after all, self-checkout is for people who don’t need a cashier, right?

You know where this story is going – the register is screaming because an item is not in the bagging area, an item won’t scan, and so on.

That quick fix turns into an even bigger headache and you see the cashier line moving without a hitch.  Murphy’s Law has never held truer than with the concept of quick fixes, am I right?

Over the past few years, we have seen quite a few self-serve event staffing platforms pop up.  While these quick-fix DIY brand ambassador staffing apps may seem like a brilliant idea, the reality is, you don’t know precisely who or what you’re getting.  A staffing process that eliminates human expertise (and interaction in some cases) is ironic, seeing that a brand ambassador’s primary responsibility is to interact with attendees and consumers.  And more importantly, serve as a direct representation of your brand.

This Is Why You Need a Brand Ambassador Staffing Company

When staffing an event, it’s best to avoid the “self-checkout” staffing app and rely on traditional brand ambassador staffing agencies instead, because comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges.  Here’s why:

Staffing Resources:

App-based platforms typically have a much smaller staff pool, which creates significant challenges if you need brand ambassadors in remote locations, for large-scale events, highly competitive events like SXSW, or those with special skills or attributes.

Event staffing companies on the other hand, typically have massive talent databases.  Additionally, most have full-time recruiting teams that have experience in recruiting staff for events of all shapes and sizes, and in small and rural markets.  Recruiters also spend much of the year forecasting and sourcing talent to prepare for busier seasons and competitive events.

Solid Vetting Processes:

Brand ambassador staffing is not a one-size-fits-all approach.  Unlike apps, staffing companies hand-select and vet brand ambassadors using a set of established parameters and checkpoints to ensure that each team member is the right fit for each event or activation.  With this process, they are setting up a solid and reliable team that will go above and beyond to help you reach your goals.

Client Support:

Once you have staffed your brand ambassadors, it doesn’t end there.  There’s communication, confirmations, check-ins, training, identifying and addressing any red flags, schedule changes, staff replacements, the list goes on and on.  A staffing agency will be there for you every step of the way, from staffing to execution, and most offer 24/7 client support which is something you won’t find with a staffing app.


A reputable event staffing company will have liability insurance to cover brand ambassadors in the field, whereas, with app-based staffing, liability typically falls on you.


There is something to be said for personalization these days.  Having the ability to talk through your needs and expectations with a real person often leads to conversations and ideas that can help make your event more successful.

The Takeaway

While app-based platforms may seem like an efficient solution for your brand ambassador staffing needs, nothing can replace the expertise and support you will receive in working with an event staffing company.

Since 2002, ATN Event Staffing has provided brand ambassadors for thousands of marketing campaigns across the nation.  From large-scale events to promotions in remote locations, we’ve seen it and staffed it all.  Experience the difference by contacting ATN to learn more about our brand ambassador staffing solutions.

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