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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Creating a fantastic attendee experience should always top priority for experiential and event marketers. When attendees walk away with positive feelings about an event or experience, it leaves an impression that they won’t soon forget. However, with 2020 being the dumpster fire of the century and taking a toll on everyone, it’s important for event organizers and producers to be mindful of how people feel and to understand that priorities may have shifted for them. In this edition of Happy Hour, we lead off with an article that discusses how event expectations have changed over the last year. We also discuss the trends shaping the future of experiential marketing and why branding is essential in event marketing.

Creating a Stellar Event Attendee Experience in 2021

“As brands consider what a live event will look like in 2021 authenticity, transparency, and connection should be key pillars of the consumer experience.” ~Brian Couch, Soho Experiential

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The pandemic changed people’s lives forever, but it has also given us a renewed outlook on what and who we value. Consumer behavior has shifted, and as live events ramp back up, brands need to focus on consumers’ current needs and expectations to provide a satisfying experience. From family-oriented experiences to sustainable events, here are some ways that brands can tailor events and activations to offer a stellar attendee experience in 2021.

The Trends That are Shaping the Future of Experiential Marketing 

“Now that marketers know how well these newfound capabilities work, virtual and hybrid experiences are likely to go nowhere soon, not even with the possibility of being ‘normal’ again.”  ~Patricia Untinen, Digital Agency Network

Experiential Marketing Trends

One thing that makes experiential marketing so unique and well-perceived is the face-to-face interactivity that it delivers. But during the pandemic, that was also experiential’s detriment. The lack of in-person events paved the way for brands to explore new ways to engage with consumers, like adding virtual options to live events to reach a broader audience. As experiential marketing and live events make a comeback, the strategy is evolving rapidly to keep up with the post-pandemic world. This article explores some of the recent trends that are shaping the future of experiential.

Why Branding is Important in Event Marketing

“Strong branding for your event will determine how your event and your brand are perceived and often determines whether your audience thinks you are a better choice than your competition.” ~David Woruka, Futuresoft

event marketing branding

Branding is a crucial component in marketing. From logos to messaging, branding sets you apart from your competition, and it’s what consumers will remember about you. In event marketing, a solid branding strategy is equally important to ensure that you reach your target audience and leave a memorable impression on them. Read on for tips on how you can leverage event branding to create a unique experience that resonates with your audience.

Buzz-Worthy Event Ideas That Will Inspire You

“As safe, socially distanced live events and activations make their triumphant return, we wanted to bring you even more inspiration for your own gatherings.” ~Claire Hoffman, BizBash

Austin Festival

As live events and brand activations begin to make an epic comeback, it’s time to celebrate the industry’s revival and the brands that are all in. In this article, BizBash spreads joy and inspiration with some of the most creative campaigns that took place last month.

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