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It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected life as we know it. In the face of an evolving, once-in-a-lifetime threat, people throughout the world endured well more than a calendar’s worth of lockdowns and public health precautions as society struggled to balance safety, security, and sanity.  

Although the pandemic has yet to subside entirely and the unknown lies ahead, the effectiveness and widespread availability of COVID-19 vaccines has allowed people to return to a somewhat normal way of life when proper preventive measures are taken. Emerging from our collective shells following such a volatile period isn’t going to be without challenges, but in the wake of lives temporarily lived through Zoom calls and Netflix binges, it’s never been a more valuable time to forge human connections. 

Following 2020’s necessity of virtual-only events, brands now have an incredible opportunity to make up for lost time. The pent-up demand for concerts, live performances, and other in-person events proves how eager people are to enjoy all the things that we took for granted before. People are happy to be back out in the real world, soaking in all the sights, sounds, and friendly faces that weren’t available through a smartphone screen.  With that said, there’s never been a better time than the present for brands to embrace experiential marketing to connect with consumers.

Why Brands Should Embrace Experiential Marketing in 2021

Creates Buzz for Brands

Simply put, experiential marketing is fun (and we all need a little of that) and always attracts a crowd.  Whether you have a simple setup with free samples or an elaborate, interactive footprint, people will be drawn to your activation, giving you the prime opportunity to showcase your brand, product, or service.  

Provides a Personalized Experience 

Consumers have been bombarded with all things digital since the pandemic began. From binge-watching TV shows to video conference calls and virtual concerts, the strictly digital lifestyle is rather dull and not so personal. Experiences, on the other hand, are customizable and can be tailored to delight audiences with personalized elements that resonate with them.

Forms Meaningful Relationships

Relationships were something people longed for during the worst times of the pandemic. However, creating relationships with consumers through traditional and digital marketing mediums is hard to achieve. But, that’s not the case with face-to-face marketing because it humanizes brands. When people have the ability to interact and engage with a company, be it via your brand ambassadors or through interactive elements, it results in memorable moments that create an instant bond.  

Boosts Brand Affinity

Brands can rise above their competition and shine this year. When people enjoy an experience, they feel connected to it; and they will remember it for a long time. That is beneficial for brands because when consumers have an emotional tie to a brand, it can affect future buying decisions. The emotional response that happens when they affiliate your brand to the way they felt in the moment of the experience typically supersedes rational or behavioral buying decisions.  

With people venturing out into the world again, brands have a prime opportunity to deliver impactful and memorable experiences to their target audience.  

Throughout the pandemic, ATN Event Staffing has continued doing what we are passionate about, and that is helping our clients create real-life connections with consumers while providing top-notch customer service. As you make experiential marketing plans for the remainder of the year, we are here for you as your event staffing partner. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you reach your goals!